How To Guide: 4 Ways to Stay Accountable to Yourself

This week sees the first of the Accountability Sessions – a monthly masterminding or group meeting for Simply Club members. I wanted to share why accountability can be such a game changer in small business and how you stay accountable to yourself in between joining a trusted group to map your journey.

Why accountable? As the owner and manager of your micro business, it’s not always easy to stay focussed, to stop procrastinating or keep avoiding that dreaded task.

I’m a believer in accepting the ebbs and flows in micro business but we do need ways to keep our energy high and develop ways to keep going, stay on the right path and continue to innovate and moving forward in our businesses.

We need accountability.

But how do you get the ‘office’ encouragement and deadline feeling to create that structure if it’s just you and the dog?

Here are some great ways to hold yourself accountable to to stay accountable to you in your business:

  1. Hold an accountability meeting with yourself regularly. A meeting for one may seem odd but if you call it a meeting, then it’s in the diary and it has an agenda! You choose the frequency (little and often might works best) and set the agenda yourself. What are the minutes from the last meeting? Were you going to update the website or check your social media insights? Were you going to update your book keeping? Note the progress (this is NOT about being hard on yourself but finding ways to do better next time) & if you need help with something, then great – you have a meeting action. What is the focus of your meeting? Is it marketing, finances or maybe operations? Finish your meeting with a win – what went well and what’s on the agenda for next time?
  2. Be sure of your magic. We know that as micro business owners we need to be all things in the business but…..are we playing to our magic? We all came into business with our magic power but that didn’t necessarily mean we were fabulous at bookkeeping or marketing.  Although you may be accountable for all parts of your business, that isn’t the same thing as having to perform all the tasks alone. Learn to delegate and get help to reduce a lack of progress in those areas where your magic isn’t.
  3. Create habits. Sometimes we just have to be more consistent. If we can be just 1% better at something each day then progress will be great at the end of the year. What area of your business just needs a new habit developing? It could be hosting your accountability meeting with yourself or posting regularly on social media or writing those blogs. Choose the most important task first and tick it off your list at least 30 times and it will be a new habit in no time!
  4. Celebrate the wins. Not only that, plan them in. What will you do when you finally hit that goal or create that new habit? How will you measure your success? Make sure you regularly look at how far you’ve come, what you have managed to achieve. Each tiny step forward is a success and should be marked as such.