3 Ways to Review & Learn

When I speak to entrepreneurs and micro business owners, there is a common habit that so many have and that’s that they don’t take good time to review. It’s not a fault – everyone is so busy! We do look at sales or perhaps how busy we were but do we dive in and really learn from the past and see how far we’ve come?

There are many benefits to really digging into your business and what has gone well and not so well. Not only can we take a moment to realise just how far we’ve actually come and how resilient we have been, but we can also use the information to see where to go next with maybe a surer foot.

Today I wanted to share 3 ways to review effectively so that’s easy to do and won’t take too much time. You never know what you’ll uncover!

  1. Look back at how your life has been in the last 6 months. After all, without understanding how you’re doing as a micro business owner then where would your business be? Take a large piece of paper and reflect and note some of the following. If there are areas that are problematic or perhaps have been challenging, it will be a great opportunity to evolve your business to reduce negative impacts and help you keep going:
    • How tired am I? Am I tired all the time, usually on Fridays or all week?
    • Do I have good ideas regularly and have plenty of creative moments?
    • How often do I feel anxious or overwhelmed? When I am – what is the principle cause?
    • Do I often feel lonely or isolated? Are there ways that I could be less alone?
  2. Take some time to review what people are saying about your business. After the pandemic, it may not be quantity of business but quality. It’s also a vital time to see how your customers are changing or now need something different from you. Use online review platforms, review little emails or comments that you may have brushed over and perhaps go as far as ask then in a mini questionnaire.
  3. Review your customer journey and how it’s performing. So many of us had to evolve how our customers found us and used our services and bought our wares. We pivoted and worked hard to get it right but where are you now? Does your social media lead to sales? Is you website still fit for purpose? Do you have out of date information out there that may now be confusing?