How to Guide: Easy to Use Video Creation Platforms for Small Business

It won’t have escaped your knowledge that video has become ever more important in our marketing activity. We know that both Facebook & Instagram favour video content now as well as Google loving video to be part of your front page.

However, video can feel like a scary place for the unskilled or those who are time poor. How can you actually create good quality video at very little cost to your purse and task list?

There is a caveat here before I go on….and that is, choose to pay for great video content at least once in a while. This could be your website showcase video or an interview with you about your brand. It might be a show round or 360 video of your place. This type of investment is really important.

Today though, I am talking about the Reels, the interim videos, the behind the scenes fun and the more delay type of video content you might like to share, especially for social media. Where can you get ideas, help, some stick video to bring it all together or simple editing help?

Here are some great low cost or free options to help you create great video content with ease:

  1. – this platform was introduced to me a couple of years ago now (it only works on Chrome folks!) and it’s really developed since then. It’s interface is very similar to iMovie in the way it allows you to cut video, insert titles, add & edit sound etc but with a simpler feel AND it’s online so no eating your laptop speed. They also have pre existing templates for Youtube, Instagram ads and slideshows so that you feel immediately in the right place. Best of all, they work you through step by step so that you can learn along the way with video clips and sound bites to add in. This platform is free to use although you can upgrade for super fancy stuff as you develop.
  2. – this platform is really ahead of the game in many ways, allowing you to create all the latest types of video that you might need. Specifically it provides templates for you to use based on popular social channels etc and allows you to post directly to your channel from their platform. As well as this easy to use software, they also have tons of ideas and inspiration to help you discover what’s trending and how you might like to put together a Reel or a video ad etc.
  3. – This is another ‘forever free’ platform that allows you to edit, create and upgrade your videos for a variety of uses including social media and video ads without the need for software. Their free programme also includes free clips and stock video, emojis and more fun stuff to really help your video come alive. Like many of these newer types platforms, you also get lots of inspiration and top tips to help you along the way.
  4. – I know! You thought this was just for photo editing. Well Canva has come a long way in the last year and you can now easily create GIFs and short videos using their platform and templates. As always, you also get all the added ‘elements’ and can access great additions like fonts and stock images and video. This platform is free to use but you do need to upgrade (only about $14 a month) to unlock features like being able to upload your own custom font or create your own ‘brand identity pack’ etc.