How To Guide: Top Digital Platforms To Help Your Business

After the last of the latest mici workshop series, I wanted to bring together some of the best platforms and software options out there to help your business become a digital star. What these platforms and ideas have in common is that they are affordable or free, ideal for small business use and have the potential to make running your business easier.

I have split the list into two section. Firstly external options that support your marketing efforts and make life better for your customers and secondly, internal options that make running your business more streamlined and easier.

Remember that you don’t have to use all these options, in fact, not should you. This is about picking out what will help you most and make the biggest difference. My suggestion is to take one thing at a time and not bite off more than you can chew and to always double check that whatever new thing you introduce to your business easily integrates with what you already have.

Top tip: take a good stroll through out How To Guide archive to find out how to implement some of these platforms (nearly all are covered here) or pop by to the Facebook group and ask!

So here goes!

External options:

  • Facebook Business Suite – scheduling to Facebook & Instagram easily and quickly
  • Google My Business – optimise & grow reviews
  • Tweetdeck – easy scheduling & social listening for Twitter
  • Canva – easy image/content creation for EVERYTHING!
  • – shorten your links on social & gain insights & stats for free
  • Linkt.ree – add multiple links to your Instagram bio
  • Easil – easy editing for images & story creation for Instagram
  • SquareUp – easy, low fee payment gateway with gift card creation added on
  • Calendly – easy appointment booking for clients straight from your website
  • Go2Pay – turns your phone into a payment terminal & lets you send paylinks via messaging services
  • Free to Book – free & easy booking system for tourism businesses
  • Mailchimp – stay in touch with your subscriber easily + landing pages & automation made easy

Internal options:

  • Hotjar – find out exactly where people click on your website
  • Yoast – easy traffic light SEO pluginĀ for WordPress websites
  • Xero – easy and inexpensive accounting package that does everything
  • Dext – take pictures of your receipts and zap them over to your accounting software in one click
  • Trello – manage your projects and tasks with ease (time management add ons available too!)
  • Slack – create a private community or team for free
  • Ask the Public – find out what people are really asking for on Google around your key words
  • Clipchamp – free video editing software
  • Pixaby – free stock images and video clips

Of course there are millions more out there but these present some of my favourites and the most cost effective or free options right now.