How To Guide: Review & Plan in your Business

You might ask – how can I possibly review and plan in my business at a time like this?! So many of us are feeling busy, overwhelmed and taking time to stop and look at our businesses in this way may feel like another task to add to your list.

BUT – this is exactly the right time to take stock and anchor your business to some solid foundations. If you have stalled during the pandemic, it’s a great way to get unstuck and find new direction – for there always is one. If you’ve been busy busy then it’s just as essential to stop and make sure that you haven’t slipped onto a new road away from your vision or just become too exhausted and reactive for a secure future.

Over the last week, I have hosted a couple of live video chats to delegates of the New Beginnings online course about how to review your business and its journey through 2020 so far and also how to create a plan that matters as you stare into 2021.

Here they are now. If you want them to really coma aline, access the New Beginnings Online Course from the Member’s Area and you will find an exclusive 100% discount code – yes, it’s free and you can work through it all at your own pace and keep it forever.

As always – we will be chatting about these topics and more besides in the Facebook Group and in our Slack space – so head there to get the help and community you’re looking for.

Watch the REVIEW video now


Watch the PLAN video now