How To Guide: 5 Myth Busters for Successful Blogging

Blogging is literally the ‘Marmite’ of small business marketing! I speak to business owners about blogging and most of the them pull a face. Guilt that they haven’t done it for a while, worry that they will do it wrong, doubt about why they need to bother.

Here are the myths with some tips on how to turn them into success:

  • Blogging takes hours and hours – Nope. Actually some of the best blogs are quite short. Plus, your work can give your content for social and other channels for months to come!
  • Blogging is only for great writers – I don’t think so! Yes, blogging is writing, but blogging is simply the same on video. You can make your blog a step by step guide with tons of pictures or write it in list form. There are buckets of pieces of software to help you with your words, spelling and grammar too – try Grammarly
  • I can’t think of what to write. Tricky yes, but actually, once you’ve identified what works, you’re off! Think about creating content that will last for a long time. I recently worked with a hotel in the Lake District and they wrote a blog on the red squirrels that are near their location. This is still one of their highest ranking pages on their website 12 months later. This new and additional traffic brings in business and has also attracted journalists and press articles.
  • Getting readers is hard work. You want to write a blog to attract people to your website or place you as an expert in your field. But there needs to be an angle. Think about what is special about your or your business. Often the most niche subjects get the best traffic. For example, if you make things to sell, you might share videos or short blog posts sharing a few secrets or behind the scenes making sessions. It might be something super specific like how to make this type of button hole or get this colour way.
  • It’s just another thing to do. Actually writing a blog can be the basis for all your other marketing activity. For example, you write a blog about how PR can help small business. you can then refer to this blog repeatedly in your social media posts, email marketing and press releases. You can re use this content for months or years to come – time well spent!

If you want to know more about blogging or have more questions, email me ( or dive into the Facebook Group/Slack space and ask your questions. We can even proof read your words!