How To Guide: 5 Ways to Prepare for Winter 2020

After a week of more news, updates, dire warnings about the economy and our nation’s health, it’s easy to feel exhausted and powerless. It can be overwhelming and difficult to stay positive.

However, there are a few things we can do to make us feel better and like we are able to drive our business to a secure future. Despite all the uncertainties of the coming Winter when we can’t predict anything, all we can do is lean on community for support & stay focussed on our own journeys, visions and plans.

So I wanted to share some ideas that will help you prepare for this winter to make you feel more confident and your business be more resilient.

Remember – you have the Member’s Club behind you always. There are experts, experienced professionals, supporters and inspiring stories to fuel your business path.

  1. Make a plan for the worst case scenario. Wow – that sounds negative! But in fact it can be empowering to know that you have a plan up your sleeve for a lockdown, reduced footfall or bad weather. This plan needs to include how you can pivot your business if your normal way of trading or operations can’t continue in their present form. This might be setting up online gift vouchers, upgrading your online shop, preparing a delivery service or changing your products and services to solve the new challenges of your customers. It’s better to get creative now wheel your head is clear, than try to re invent the wheel in the midst of stressful news. Remember that business with purpose matters. ¬†PLUS this kind of planning means that you can breath a sigh of relief, knowing you have a bit of a back up and you can set it aside as you work today.
  2. Stay focussed¬†on the changing needs of your customers. This is key like never before. Your customers are challenged by the same stream of confusing messages or negative news, so how can you make them feel important? How can you delight them or cheer them up? How can you solve their particular problems? How are you going to make them feel confident, safe and positive? For example, there’s much talk of a different kind fo Christmas this week – can you business tap into the need to make is small & special or support other businesses to do so?
  3. Get your tech right. Autumn/Winter is a hugely busy time for all small businesses, whether you are in the gift market or offering B2B services. Everyone is under some additional pressure and life gets busy. Spend some time making sure your ‘ducks are in a row’. Things like your website images, your online shop, your SEO, you online accounting, your digital receipt management, your social media bios, your invoicing system etc etc. I know that I have put some of these tasks off in the past because I just can’t get my head to it BUT doing this preparation now means that you can keep an eye on finances, share your website with pride or quickly add new products with ease – even when you’re snowed under.
  4. Cashflow, cashflow. Set up systems that mean you can quickly and easily keep a firm eye on your cashflow. The finer detail matters and will give you a sense of control and purpose.
  5. Lean forward, not back. It’s so tempting to retreat a little in the face of negative news. It’s sometimes easy to actually believe that your business will take a hit before it actually has (or may never do). So take a deep breath and shine a little brighter. Post that new content, use your voice clearly. Focus on your brand. Take that selfie, share that video or post that IGTV. We’re all in this together, so check out with your fellow members if that gives you courage. Together, we can shine bright.