How To Guide: 7 Top LinkedIn Tips

For many years LinkedIn was the place to find jobs, share your online CV and try to connect – mostly in the corporate world. Over the last 2 years, that has changed beyond all recognition! Now it’s somewhere that people post, share knowledge and is accessible to all business sectors and sizes from big corporate names to tiny micro creatives. It’s a place to build brands & reputation and a place to connect with important businesses and people.

So….what do you need to know to make LinkedIn work for your micro business? Perhaps you’ve assumed that it’s not a place for you. Perhaps you’re using it but would like some ideas to make it work even better.

  1. Choose a Great picture! Ok – obvious you think, but there are still so many terrible bio pics on LinkedIn. It doesn’t need to be super serious but it needs to be in focus, clearly you and you looking into the camera. Check out fellow photographers in the Member’s Club who can offer a professional and affordable head shots.
  2. Create a bio that shares your key passions not just a list of what you do. This will help people who want to connect with you, immediately understand the benefit of connecting. It also helps you stand out from the crowd.
  3. Treat your About section or summary as a story telling process. Give background to your experience and don’t be tempted to make your profile look like everyone else’s – be authentic and open. Don’t be afraid too to ask for what you’re looking for in connections e.g. new freelance clients or to work in a new sector.
  4. Gain endorsements that you want. LinkedIn will ask visitors to your profile to endorse your skills. Optimise this process by editing the list to only include those skills you want to be known for. For example if you are being endorsed for skills in social media but you’d rather be doing more PR work, then consider hiding that option from your profile.
  5. Write articles. Build relationships and gain new connections by sharing your ideas, thoughts and experience by writing. Articles stay on your profile and allow people to better understand you and your business approach.
  6. Consider setting up a business page to sit alongside your personal profile. This unique opportunity on LinkedIn allows you to make individual connections as well as build brand. Create original content for your page as well as sharing other relevant content that sits with your brand.
  7. Get good at tagging. When sharing original or shared content in a post, make sure you tag in those who may be interested or that need a mention. Being generous with your knowledge sharing and shining a spotlight on those that you admire, have worked with or deserve recognition.