How To Guide: Resetting Goals for a New Season

Every so often we need to stand back and take stock in business – take some time to check we’re on the right path, being proactive rather than reactive and that our hard work is taking us a little step closer to our vision. Who hasn’t worked away and suddenly realised that they haven’t looked up at the sky for a long while?

As the seasons change, so do our energy levels, priorities and goals and it’s a great time to reset. Whether it’s the height of summer and you’re looking to Autumn or the Spring is here and it’s time to get going, taking time to double check your route and your journey is time that’s never wasted.

So what do I mean when I say reset? It can mean an analytical look at your year so far and making decisions about your future operations It might be that your social media has gone stale and you’re looking to refresh. There may be a need refocus on your storytelling and brand if life has got busy and messages have become diluted or vague. Perhaps it’s just about you & how you’re feeling about work life balance.

Here are some ideas & tasks that might help you reset effectively this summer in preparation for a bright new Autumn.

  • Book in creativity: I still get a ‘new pencil case feeling’ at the beginning of a new season….expectation, new starts and fresh ideas. Make sure you book time into our schedule to step away & really dig into what you want for you, your business and your life in the new season. This might be a walk, silent time in the office (no devices!) or however you find quiet. Making time to allow ideas to bubble up or resurface is a really important business skill. I am often seen in the hills walking the dogs and speaking into my phone as things pop up that are new or that I’d forgotten!
  • Take time to analyse: something that can easily be forgotten but so important. This might be sales figures for the last season, website activity, social media engagement or finances. Be aware of your trajectory, your progress and your results. This will help identify the areas that you need to focus on or refresh. It’s often not about making wholesale changes but tweaking activity. For example if website visits are down, you might check if you encourage users to visit it from your social media. If engagement is down, are you telling your story consistently or perhaps your images have lost some sparkle. Did your sales leap forward and you can now build on that success with a new product or service?
  • Focus on what’s key: I don’t think I’m alone in having lots of ideas & sometimes feeling overwhelmed by what to do first. It’s often the gift of an entrepreneur. However, take time to rank your ideas and goals and focus on maybe just 3 of them at a time. For example, my goal for 2020 was to launch a podcast in Spring. Life and a pandemic took over and I needed to prioritise in different ways. Launching then may have meant that I wasn’t able to give a new podcast my full attention and energy. So, the goal & timing changed but the vision didn’t. Remember – you can do anything, but not everything.
  • Use reminders: once you’re clear on your goals for the next season and the priorities are set – how to do you stay on track? I use visual reminders and mind maps in my office to remind me of where my focus needs to be. When life gets hectic or stressful, I am able to stop, look and remind myself where my energy needs to be. Whether you use digital reminders, visual cues, weekly or monthly planners [download some from the Member’s Area] or an old school tick list, plan that into your routine to help you feel connected to your dreams and vision.
  • Don’t forget your life! Micro business owners set up a business to build a life, not usually and empire. Your business and life are entirely entangled. Remember that. When setting your goals & choosing your focus, be sure that it still provides the balance you need to take care of you, your family or create the life you need. This is not only good business sense but essential if you want to still show up for your customers with energy. If you’re in for a busy time, make sure you plan in regular or little breaks to help you keep going.