How To Guide: 10 Content Ideas to Make your Emails Shine!

Many of you will know that I LOVE email marketing as a way of building relationships with customers and keeping in touch in a meaningful way. There is nothing more comforting than knowing your message has been received and not got lost in a social media algorithm.

The key to a great email is to remember that it is a privilege to be in someone’s inbox so use it wisely. This email is not really about you, it’s all about the reader.

So how can you make your emails shine in their eyes so that they not only stay subscribed but take actions, click through and share your business with their friends.

  1. Be generous – this is key to any great email. It puts the focus on your reader. You could be generous with an offer (don’t discount your stuff too often, but maybe it’s a free P&P or free cancellation offer), your advice or inspiring ideas.
  2. Edit your content – tempting as it is to tell your readers everything, edit your content to a theme or specific piece of news. Your readers are short on time and need to be able to grab the key information quickly and easily.
  3. Put them first – of course you want to share something about your business, so make sure any ‘selling’ part of your email comes at the end. Not only does this mean that they’re feeling really inspired or excited by the time they see the ‘book or buy now’ button but it also shows them that they are most important.
  4. Let your reader drive – you may have a lot to say or a detailed piece of inspiration to share, give your readers the option about how they access that. For example, you’re sharing a mini tutorial. Give them the key headline and enough detail within the email to get satisfactory information. Back this up with an illustrative image or even video. Then give them the opportunity to click through to your blog for the full, in-depth piece. Let them be in the driver seat.
  5. Make it clear what they get – use a simple mix of text and image in your email so that it’s clear and easy to follow and obvious to the reader how they can get the key information that they’re interested in quickly. For example if you’ve promised a competition in the subject line, make that button prominent in the top 3rd of the email.
  6. Subject line – on that note, choose wisely. Remember this email is about them, not you. Give them a reason to open the email to their benefit. For example NOT ‘our Spring Newsletter’ but perhaps ‘Our Spring gift to you’.
  7. The ‘Top 1/3 rule’ – all email preview boxes are different so it’s important that the top 1/3 of your email has all the key information or principle purpose in it. This needs to include the key offer, inspiration or delight. Yes, make sure there’s a lovely image but remember that some inboxes won’t automatically download these unless the reader says so.
  8. Mobile view – 91% of people check their emails at least once a day, over 70% on a mobile, so prioritise how your email looks on mobile. For example, if you’re sharing several boxes of information, which one gets to come first not he mobile version? Mailchimp (& other providers) will give you a mobile friendly preview to check before you send.
  9. Images & Video – it goes without saying that your email needs to look amazing. However the key to looking amazing is FEELING amazing. make sure your image promotes a feeling too as this ‘connection’ is what will make your reader take action. For example a quote, an image that transport them to a place or feeling, an inspiring video clip, a ‘see first’ reveal image etc. Avoid simply sharing one of your stock photos.
  10. Connect often – remember that all your readers will ‘read’ your email in a different way. Some will read the text, some will scan for a button or action & some will try to click your images. Make multiple parts of your email an opportunity for them to connect and take action. For example, if you’re promoting a competition, make sure the ‘Enter Now’ option is as a button, as a clickable piece of text in the description and when they click your main image. This way you’ve covered everyone.

Check out other How To Guides that take you through Mailchimp & how to gather subscriber plus a mini workshop video. Alternatively, head to Slack or our Facebook group now and dive into an emailing conversation so that we can share ideas and ask questions.