How To Guide: 5 Ways to Make your Business More Resilient

Over the last few months I have spent a lot of my time working with businesses to help them through unprecedented times. Business that have needed to evolve, pivot their operations, change the way they provide products and services.

There is continued uncertainty and lots of possible changes to our futures.

So – how can we make our businesses be more resilient? This doesn’t mean bullet proof but foundations we can build into our business to make it easier to navigate potential storms of the future.

Just picking one of these options will help your business to be stronger in the future.

  1. Create multiple ways to deliver your products and services for all year round – think about click and collect, online workshops, live courses, posting out, monthly subscriptions and more. This kind of choice will create flexibility for your business & potential new ways of earning but also provide better choice for your customers.
  2. Gather data all the time – imagine having all the important information you needed at your fingertips. Log how your customers book, buy, visit & search you and your business. Keep this information and notice patterns and changes. Shopping, buying & booking psychology is changing and may change more. Knowledge is power – all this information will help – so that you can effectively market, change operations and cater for future needs more quickly than big corporate business.
  3. Use email¬†marketing¬†– I know many of you know what I feel about email marketing. Social media is great but you’re fighting an algorithm that interferes with your relationships with customers. Imagine having a direct line to your people too? Don’t put off email marketing to another day, harness it now. Subscribers are committed to your business. You can communicate with them directly and data shows that marketing this way is growing, improves conversion to buying AND unsubscribe rates are on average less than 0.5%.
  4. Do more business online – you may be thinking how (!) – even if I have a cafe?? Can you arrange to bake & sell? Can you sell cafe life as a click & collect? Are you able to take on some catering? Can you start selling baking online courses? Thinking about options now will put you in the best position for what ever comes next.
  5. Your business is never just one thing! Finally I want to remind you that as a micro business, your ability to evolve, pivot or develop a new set of services or products is endless. As small business owners we’re more nimble than any large business. Imagine holiday homes that become long stay retreats, cafes that can offer online baking courses, graphic designers who train online etc etc.