How to Guide: 5 Ways to Grow your Email Marketing List

Email marketing can unlock the relationship between your business and your audience. Bypassing social media algorithms and communicating directly with those who already have an interest in what you do is a powerful way to build community around your business.

Although email marketing often produces a Marmite reaction, there is a way to ethically stay in touch with your subscribers and turn them into customers.

It is worth noting too that there has never been more need to stay in regular touch with the people who follow your business to share news on your operations, opening schedule, latest news and more.

Growing your subscriber numbers isn’t just about the numbers. It is about quality. Even a small number of dedicated subscribers can make a huge difference to your business. They are the advocates of what you do, most likely to share your activity & most likely to react to news, offers and information.

If you’re not convinced you need to be working on your email list, here are some stats:

  • Audiences are 20% more likely to to buy on the back of an email received on their mobile phone.
  • 91% of all emails are opened within 24hrs of being sent.
  • Personalising your emails creates a 25% higher open rate.
  • Average open rates for email marketing sits at about 20% depending only our sector compared to an average 6.4% of your page fans seeing your Facebook posts.

So, here are 5 ways to grow your email subscriber list.

  1. Make your list sound attractive. Nobody wants to simply ‘sign up to a newsletter’ without understanding why. However they may be more inclined to ‘join our gang’ or be part of a ‘VIP club’. Being granted the privilege to land in someone’s inbox so always start by making your subscriber list sound like a special place.
  2. Offer an incentive. Under GDPR rules you’re not allowed to withhold important information to bargain for someone’s email address BUT you can offer them something so useful, exciting or interesting that signing up is a quick & easy decision. For example ‘download our free guide to…’ or ‘enjoy 20% off your first online order’.
  3. Remember, this isn’t about you. Email marketing is not about selling your stuff. Email marketing is about sharing interesting information, inspiring, entertaining, educating, delighting. You’re building a relationship and your delighted subscribers will tell their friends soon enough. Be generous with your time & information.
  4. Provide multiple sign up options. Build email sign up into your strategy. This means including prominent sign up invitations on your website, email sign up integrations on your Facebook page and in your bios. You can add your email sign up link to all your order confirmations, booking confirmations, email signatures and leaflets.
  5. Make your list exclusive. Create offers, share information, offer education, provide content that it exclusive to your list and can’t be accessed any other way.

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