How To Guide: 10+ Top Tips to Sell Gift Vouchers Online

Gift vouchers are big news for 2020. Not only are they a brilliant added value proposition from your business, they’re a great way to create income during a pandemic. I suspect that sen after life gets back to normal the the ‘gift voucher’ will still be hugely popular.

The key to selling gift vouchers is to make them exciting and attractive as well as ensuring that they are super easy to buy. When you’re planning out what type of vouchers to sell consider the following:

  • Make sure that your customers can buy them quickly, easily and with an instant delivery.
  • Ensure your vouchers are enticing. Think experiences, gift wrapping, personal messaging & exclusive access. For example, your vouchers could give exclusive access to free wrapping service or a free bottle of wine as part of an order using the voucher.
  • Put your ideal customer first. Think about affordability, ‘no think’ purchases, problem solving & beautiful design.
  • Theme & name your vouchers to make them easy to search. For example, vouchers for her, vouchers for kids, wellbeing vouchers, crafty vouchers.

So – what are the best ways to sell vouchers in terms of tech and marketing??

Here are a few ideas:

  • Check your payment gateway platform for voucher integrations. For example Square payments are offering a voucher feature as part of all accounts. Integrations like this allow you to keep all your e-commerce in one place and all your finances in one place.
  • Use a specific gift card app that does it all for you. GiftUpApp is popular and fee free. It claims to integrate with any currency and any website. They even have a POS terminal option if you want to go all in. PLUS you can use the special Gift Up! integration & button on your Instagram stories
  • Check out what your e-commerce platform offers. All the major platforms have quick, easy gift voucher gateways including Shopify, WIX, BigCommerce, Squarespace & WooCommerce.
  • Make your vouchers beautiful. This will mean your customers feel it’s special enough to make a purchase. Use Canva or photoshop to get creative and on brand. Stuck? Head to the brilliant designers we have available in the Member’s Club.
  • Promote your vouchers in their own space on your website. They need their own menu item and to be prominent enough for people to find quickly. Often gift vouchers are bought when a consumer gets stuck with their choices, so make them stand out as a solution.
  • Use social media to give your sales a boost. Instagram stories, Facebook videos (someone opening one of your vouchers?), giveaway vouchers to launch your campaign?
  • Be generous with your valid to dates. You’re currently selling in a pandemic so make sure that customers have plenty of time to use their vouchers. Work hard on promotion of gift cards so that people remember to spend theirs!
  • Watch your T&Cs. Make sure you’ve been clear how and where they can spend the voucher. Be sure too, to be explicit that they aren’t transferrable for cash.
  • You could create levels of gift voucher. How about quick online vouchers that are instant and also premium hand written, wrapped certificates for an extra special experience?

If you need further help to see vouchers online, please get in touch, hop into the Member’s Facebook Group or Slack space to ask your questions. You’re not alone and together we can get you selling successfully very soon!