How To Guide: Great Photography Tips to get you Noticed!

Photography can be complex and yet can be simple BUT in today’s digital marketing world, it has to work well.

You don’t need to be an expert – in fact if you need great images for your business, I would advise getting an expert in! But, you do need to know what images you need for what platform and how to create real time, engaging images for your social media, blog, stories & more.

It’s not all about the technical skills but also about what your audiences want to see and what makes them feel connected and ready to take an action like buying, subscribing or sharing.

I have broken down a few key tips and ideas to help you upgrade the images you use in your business using just your phone.

Please note: we have a few amazing photographers in our Member’s Club who are essential for creating your best catalogue of images that are right for your brand. Pop by and introduce yourself.

  1. Start with the audience: the very first question you need to ask yourself is what does your audience want to see. What entertains, inspires or wows them? What is their emotional reaction to certain types of images? What are your selling and what are your values & voice? For example – would your audience actually like to see an image or two of you – possibly working, making or saying hello? Would they appreciate seeing what you sell in context e.g. staged set ups, up close or out in nature? If you’re not sure, go back and look at the posts on your social media that have had the biggest engagements.
  2. Think about voice: really in a picture? Yes, in a picture. Your images have a voice that says so much about you, your business and brand. Flip through your Instagram feed and immediately you will feel what the images means. Happy, cool, unreachable, human, fun, off putting etc etc. So – what do your want your images to make your audience feel. What is the voice of your brand & you?
  3. What’s the content? For those of you with product then this might be easy. You need to take great images that tells the product story, in good natural light (not artificial) and that makes it easy for your audience to understand the product and buy it. For those of selling services then think about the ‘feel’ you’re trying to bring to the image. This might be empathic, dynamic, nature, images of you, quotes, soft, bright, graphic etc.
  4. Consistency matters: what ever your images are like and however you choose to present them, it’s key that there’s some consistency in what you share. Your audience will notice, recognise you and start to more quickly understand what you you stand for and what to expect from you. Sometimes this evolves over time, but be aware of it and cultivate it.
  5. Step in front of the lens: No way I hear you cry. Yes way. You are not a large anonymous brand. You have purpose, a story and a mission. The reason people buy from small business is because they get to understand that story and want to be in relationship with you as the founder. I’m not talking selfie central. I am talking about saying hello, having some great professional shots taken or images of you working, meeting with people or simply being in your place.

If you want some advice about photo editing or taking a great photo, head to the How To Guide section of the Member’s Area OR pop over to our Facebook group & Slack space to get the help you need.