How To Guide: 3 Ways to Find Creativity Again

Creativity is the lifeblood of any small business.

We are called upon to think creatively every moment to manage finances, plan marketing, provide exceptional services, make new things. However, do we really nurture it and take care not to lose it?

Creativity has to be nurtured and valued as much as any skill we need in our business. To find it and use it every day takes dedication, especially when times are tough.

In fact, when times are tough, creativity may be our only way to a more secure future. It will help us pivot, relaunch, revive, find the energy to keep going, reduce anxiety, help us sleep, allow us to dream again & find a new way to be.

If you have felt less creative in recent weeks or perhaps you have simply run out of steam a little, then here are 3 ways to find your creativity again.

  1. Rest. Without allowing your brain to rest, creativity doesn’t stand a chance. Even when you are working hard, prioritise proper rest. What does that look like?
    • Get a proper amount of sleep
    • Get into nature without ear buds, music or podcasts. Just listen and observe.
    • Meditate. You can go all out & OM or just schedule in a quiet 10 minutes with your eyes closed and breathing deeply.
    • Breathe – very deeply
    • With off the news & your devices as much as possible.
  2. Make time. We all make time for our bookkeeping, marketing or delivering our businesses but do we make time to be creative? Schedule in specific times in the week JUST for creativity. Treat this time seriously. Use a notebook, read all the articles you’ve bookmarked, listen to inspiring podcasts, speak into your phone, get your coloured pens out. Don’t worry about ‘getting results’ or limit yourself to one problem to solve. Just ‘do’ the creativity very regularly and you will find solutions, ideas will come & your brain will start spending its time creating new ideas & less time on anxiety.
  3. Filter. We all understand those things that suck the very lifeblood out of us. It might be a negative friend or your obsession with listening to the news. We might allow ourselves to over rely on social media. It might even be our own brain that happily feeds us dismal thoughts. Take time to filter everything that comes into our awareness. Welcome in positivity and reduce negativity. Check out thought patterns and challenge them. The more we filter, the more creativity happens.

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