How To Guide: 3 Super Tips for using Zoom in your Business [video]

This has come up again and again in the last couple of weeks – how to deliver your services or have a meaningful meeting online.

Check out the Member’s Area for some ideas about putting your business online – inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

My favourite right now is – an upgraded version of Skype that is less glitchy and more reliable AND with more functionality to help you feel as professional and as ‘in control’ as you can.

Today I’m sharing 3 super tips PLUS a video run through at the end.

First up – 3 super tips:

  1. Free version or upgrade? The free version of Zoom is great and gives you 40 free minutes on any one ‘ group meeting’ (unlimited if it’s one to one). You can set up, record and share invitations for your ‘meeting’ and for many of you, this might be enough. However, think about what you need Zoom for. If you’re planning a 3 hour workshop with multiple guests then don’t dismiss the upgrade option. This is cost effective and as little as £12 a month which could simply be an addition £1 on each workshop you sell. Here’s the pricing plan.
  2. Record all your meetings. This is a great idea for those of you starting out. If you’re having a one to one meeting, it allows you to pop back and make notes or write a report – ideal for clients. If it’s a workshop or tutorial with multiple participants then watching a recording back will help you improve or even share the recording with those that missed out when it was live. Super tip: check the ‘record in the cloud’ option when you set up your meeting – this is the best, glitch free way to do it.
  3. Use ‘Screen Share’ to make your meeting more professional. In the case of a one to one meeting, it means you can show someone what you are working on or take them through a presentation easily. It also means they can share with you and you can help them through their challenge. For workshops, it speaks for itself – share you slides, take them through a website tutorial or add inspirational or close up images to help them learn or get more from your session.

Now watch the quick beginner’s guide video and start your Zoom mastery this week. As always, you’re not alone, so reach out and ask if you need support, more top tips or a one to one guide through…