How To Guide: 5 Ways to Upgrade your Social Media Right Now

I had a carefully planned out a long list of How To Guides for the next 6 months – in an effort to be organised. BUT the last week has changed all that.

Life may never be quite the same and we are in the middle of the biggest upheaval we have collectively ever felt.

However, life can be good again and in adversity, we find opportunities and hope. We can be better at what we do.

I completely understand that some of you won’t be feeling like this is any kind of opportunity, however, now is a good time to work on those projects you’ve been meaning to. Polish your social media strategies, refresh your website, complete an SEO audit.

Please remember, that what ever you receive in your How To Guide is just the start of the conversation. Head to the Facebook Group, our space on Slack [join now] or email me direct with your specific queries, challenges & needs.

You’re not alone.

So, I asked you in the Facebook group what your priorities are and social media was one of your top choices.

It is tricky to gauge the mood, know how to communicate, add the right content that your audience wants to see, be yourself when you are feeling in turmoil yourself.

I have pulled together a few things to think about and ways to upgrade your social media strategy during this difficult time. Top tips to help you assess your content for the coming weeks and things to help you feel confident about what you share.

  1. Tell your story like never before. I love story telling in marketing – in fact that is what good marketing actually is. Many of us, however, don’t ever tell it fully. We hide behind the camera, we avoid the grotty bits, we shy away from truly voicing our values or missions for fear of backlash. Now, we are having the most human experience we have collectively had and now is the time to tell that story. This will help people resonate with you and your business and understand your magic so much better. Your audience will feel a stronger connection and be inspired, excited, entertained, motivated or impressed. How? Here are some pointers:
    • Write your story down including early memories and starting points, your motivations, your dreams, the bumps along the way, what’s important now, why you are running your business like you do, what is key to your everyday activities, how you want your customers to feel, how you came to gain the expertise or experience you have, when you have failed, what you have learned and so on.
    • Pick out those key moments of interest and think about how you can tell these chapters in content now. For example, you remember baking with your Grandma and this is the love you put into every bake from now on. You might share a picture of her hand written cook book or an old tin you still use.
    • Think about how some of those chapters or touch points might connect right now. For example, that same Grandma used to share stories with you when you baked and you are using her memory or wisdom now to help you through this crisis.
    • Think about how your values and the values in your business and brand can help people now. For example, you have always provided exceptional community spirit and now you are baking cakes for those who are isolated. This isn’t about showing off or profiteering but it is about sharing and inspiring your audience as you put your values into action.
    • Don’t be afraid to tell your story openly now. If you’re struggling, need support, want to let people know the efforts you are going to to fulfil your values and business then go for it. You aren’t being overly negative (share that bit for me and your fellow members) but you are being open and honest. You’re not whinging but you are being authentic.
  2. Make a clear communication plan. What people need more than ever is information. They need it quickly, clearly and succinctly. Take time to note down what you need to tell your audience and how you can split that into bite sized chunks in the coming weeks. Your audience need to know how you are operating, for how long, what your priorities are and how they can contact you. Here are some ways to share that communication consistently and clearly:
    • Plan a regular time when you will share key information so your audience know when to check out your posts.
    • Communicate regularly so that you don’t go out of their mind or get forgotten.
    • Use multiple ways to communicate like video, images & text. I’m sure your audience would love to see more of you at this point.
    • Name your updates so that they are separate from other content. For example, call them Covid-19 updates or something more creative like ‘news from the Farm’
  3. Think clearly about what your audience & customers really need right now. Some of them might have cancelled with you or be missing out as you are closed. Some of them might be missing you. Many of them will be locked down, in isolation and fearful themselves. What part will your business play in that context? Here are some ideas that you can share or roll out on social media.
    • Your audience might need some hope. Can you share how you are re modelling your business & share things that they can look forward to in the future?
    • They may have to wait for some weeks or months before they see you again – can you inspire them with what is happening at your place. This might be nature videos, watching the seasons evolve, your making process, selfie updates, new services you are developing for this new world. This will help them keep you front of mind as they plan their own futures.
    • A lot of your audience will need entertaining. I am not suggesting that you suddenly share bonkers videos that are out of context to your business, but there may be interesting fun stuff happening where you are that you can share.
    • You may have expertise or insight that you haven’t shared before that needs to be shared now. This could be providing online tutorials, weekly updates, self care tips or ways in which you are helping yourself that might inspire.
  4. Use your social media to find out what your audience’s changing needs are. For example, you might use a poll or simply a questioning post to ask how your audience would like to buy from you in the future. Would they like new services and different payment systems? Would they like more of your products and services to available to buy online? What are their greatest challenges?
  5. Finally there is no getting away from it – you still need to find a way to sell now or in the future. The 80:20 rule still applies for your social media – 80% engagement and 20% selling at a max. BUT can you offer discounts or add value to your existing products and services like free P&P or deposit only & pay the balance much later? Can you use social media to get them to subscribe to your email VIP club where they will get exclusive information or be first to hear your news about when you re open? Are you now selling online? Are you selling vouchers?

I really hope that this has been helpful and given you a moment to take a look at your social media and upgrade it a little at this difficult time. As I have already said, you’re not alone and I am here to talk through your specific dilemma or challenge.