How To Guide: 4 key ways to do more business online

This week has brought online business to the fore for most of us. Are we up to scratch? Are we getting good referrals? Can our business offer more online? Can we do more business online?

So, in that vein, I am sharing ways that you do more business online. This is designed to give you some ideas about sharpening existing practices in your business or maybe help you start to sell online or do online business for the first time.

  1. Payments: Often the biggest barrier to doing more business online is payments. They need to be low in fess but faff free for your customers. My favourites? Try Square – offering a huge range of card reader options and embedded payments as well as integrations with your accounting software and popular e-commerce software like WooCommerce. Don’t forget you get £1000 fee free as a new merchant with your Membership! For recurring payments or Direct Debits, I like GoCardless. Easy to use and easy to integrate with your website, accounting software and for your customers to use. This could be ideal for staged payments for holiday cottages or workshops and courses.
  2. Google: are you sharp as a new pin on Google? This is an important time to think about being found at all online! Polish your Google My Business and gain new reviews. Ensure that SEO is understood and liked by Google – I like Yoast for wordpress sites as it gives you an easy to use traffic light system. Familiarise yourself with Google Analytics to see who arrives on your site, from where and how they travel through your site too. This will give you vital information. Try Google Search Console too to check you don’t have any loading gremlins.
  3. Virtual work: Many of you may be able to offer your services online from meetings to workshops to tutorials. Barriers to doing this more include hating seeing yourself on video to how to use the tech! I like Zoom for a better version of Skype and less glitchy. You can host meetings, webinars and groups meet ups with control. Features include a chat room, recording in the cloud and URL links to send to clients. Why not try using tech like Facebooks Workplace or Slack to create places for people to chat? I like Trello for working with clients – an easy way to share tasks, documents and timesheet information during project work.
  4. Referrals: This is a time to really sharpen how we get referrals to our business. Social media referral rates are dropping because users can get all they want in platform – however, you can make sure that conversion or checkout happens there too with Facebook/Instagram shops and Twitter direct links to websites. Imagine sharing Vimeo or Youtube tutorials that incentivise users to buy from your website only. Are you upping your email marketing game? Research shows that the best click through rates to website come from email. Remember to ‘give’ generously in your email – not necessarily cash or discounts but secrets, how to guides, inspirational videos, ideas and top tips. I love Mailchimp still but Mailerlite is proving to be a popular alternative.

If you want specific training or help with you a bit of tech or e-commerce information – please let me know and we can turn it into a mini workshop in the Member’s Area.