How To Guide: 6 Things You Need to Know to Crack Facebook in 2020.

Facebook has undergone some huge changes in the last year and small businesses are having to work harder than ever to be seen and get engagement. With rumours of algorithm changes, fake news and dissatisfied users, is it time to walk away from Facebook or simply relax and discover a few tips to help?

It’s worth noting here that social media isn’t going to make or break your business on its own. With great purpose, stories & content we can all connect with our audiences well. Remember too that Facebook is a tool in your business but not your asset.¬†Use it as just one of the ways to get people to find you, your website, online shop, place or buy from you.

So, here are 5 things you need to know about cracking Facebook in 2020:

  • Know what Facebook’s priorities are in 2020: Be aware that Facebook has evolved its priorities and it’s important to understand what this means for your business page. Facebook has moved from their 2018 focus on ‘meaningful interactions’ and getting as many comments as possible to the introduction of ‘why am I seeing this post?’. Meaning? That we all need to focus on transparency and even more authenticity. The good news is that small businesses are A star students at this. Try: videos of you talking about your passions. Videos of ‘work in progress’ or tours of your place. Open hearted content about your mission & purpose. Sharing heartfelt reviews. You get the picture!?
  • Get people talking. We know that Facebook has focussed on personal content and getting people connected so your content need to start conversations among friends. It could be content that they love so much that they tag their friends. Think: exciting events, funny content, words of wisdom, inspirational videos and so on.
  • Make your video longer for Facebook. We have known for a while that video is important but now we know a bit more about what Facebook really wants from video. They want it to be longer – longer than 3 minutes ideally. They want it to be original content that adds real value to users like learning something new, getting inspired, being entertained. They want video to be something that is searched for and gone back to repeatedly. Think: a series of how to guides or ways to make things. Think: a regular inspirational video or fun Friday content.
  • Consistency is still key. I know it has been said a million times before but posting often and, more importantly, consistently is key here. Facebook want to know that your page is valuable to your fans and that you are dedicated to them. Frequency is seen by Facebook as a ‘ranking signal’ i.e. seeing regular content from one source gives you a better chance of appearing in your fan’s feeds.
  • Groups are on the up. Facebook is focussing white a bit of effort on Groups and certainly user feeds are full of group activity and content that often ranks higher than that of pages. Think about how you could start up a group to go alongside your page. Examples might include a place where people get help, top tips or weekly tutorials. It could just be a discussion group around your key activity like sewing, networking, recipes and so on.
  • Use the ‘see first’ option. As small businesses, we are more concerned with creating an active and enthusiastic community around our Facebook pages rather than just building number so why not ask your fans to prioritise your page? Once they follow you, they can press the ‘see first’ option underneath ‘Following’ under the cover picture. Asking them to do this will mean that they will see your page’s content preferentially and not just at the whim of the algorithm. Explaining how this helps a small business might also be helpful

I hope this has give you some valuable pointers on how to crack Facebook in 2020 and let’s talk about it in our own Member’s Club group – a place to get help, be seen and find community.