How To Guide: 10 Ways To Get More Out Of The Member’s Club!

On Friday, we closed the doors to member’s Club for new members and we will open them again later in the year…a HUGE welcome to new members who are reading this today.

It seemed like the perfect moment to share some top tips about getting a little more out of the Member’s Club for your business and for you.

Please note: this isn’t about adding jobs to your day or making you feel any pressure. The Member’s Club is here for you all the time and you can dip in and get what you need when you need it – quickly, easily and without hard work.

You are here to get the help you need all year round and to be showcased and shine in your micro business. Together we are making a little more noise about what businesses like yours do for people, places and planet. We are showing Britain where the innovation, creativity, dedication and passion really is.

Here are a few ways to make the very best of your membership.

  1. Log into the Member’s Area: this exclusive portal is just for you and it is being added to regularly. You will find short video tutorials, over 100 How To Guides, marketing ideas, downloadable planners and more. If you have lost your password, simply click ‘forgotten password’ at the login & set a new one.
  2. Head to the Facebook Group: not all of you have joined our Facebook Group yet. It is a private group and only members of the group can see posts and comments. This is the place to lean in and find support. Ask questions, offer your wisdom, share your news and more. I pop on there LIVE and every Monday we talk about that week’s How To Guide to dig a little deeper.
  3. Collaborate: There are two ways to do this…
    1. You can offer something special to your fellow members and it will be listed in the Member’s Area. This means we can all benefit from discounted services, preferential offers and support from people we trust. Simply email me with your treat for fellow members.
    2. You can co host a competition or giveaway through the website. If you want to spotlight your business, get help with a new launch or highlight a special moment in your business, email me and we can host a competition, offer or giveaway and help you promote it – for free!
  4. Spotlight your business: Here are a few options…
    1. Put yourself forward to be part of the new Podcast which launches this spring. The Micro Business Manual podcast is designed to tell the stories of those in the Member’s Club, inspire customers and business owners and give top tips and small business ideas to our audience. If you want to be part of the podcast, please get in touch.
    2. Add Simply Great Britain to your PR list. We want to share your news! Every time you send out a press release, make sure we are on your mailing list. We can add your story to our blog, social platforms and even share it to our press contacts. Simply add to your list now.
    3. Wear the badge! You can download a variety of Member Club badges from the Member’s Area to add to your website, email signatures or apps. The more we share and show off the better.
    4. Upscale your website page. All of you have your own website page that you can polish for free at any time. Great images of you really sell and tell a story. Clear, well lit images of your products is key (head to the resources to find out how) and you can add a free testimonial too. Head to the Member’s Area and click ‘update profile’.
  5. Shine on social media: engagement on social media platforms has never been more of a challenge. Give yourself a head start by tagging Simply Great Britain into your posts and I can share it in stories, posts or simply like & comment to offer you support. Here’s how:
    1. Twitter: @simplybritain
    2. Facebook: @simplygreatbritain
    3. Instagram: @simplygreatbritain
  6. Arrange some one to one support: your membership gives you an automatic 20% discount on ALL training, coaching and events run by Simply Great Britain. This means you can access business coaching from me easily and within budget. I have over 20 years experience in marketing, sales, social media, email marketing, strategy, business planning and more. Coaching can be done by video call and starts at just £44 for members.
  7. Wear your values and our brand! We have a T-shirt range sharing our favourite hashtags including #smallbusinessbiglove. Every T-shirt is Fair-trade, organic and gives back to the B1G1 charity. A perfect wear in your shop, on your stall or hosting a meet up.
  8. Become an Ambassador: I know that many of you love nothing better than meeting up and enjoying a brew in person. Connecting this way is magic. If there isn’t a Meet Up to suit your location or work schedule, why not host your own? I will help sort out venues, add the meet up to our Facebook page and website and promote the event for you. All you have to do is spread the word a little locally and be there with a welcoming smile and a bit of information about Simply Great Britain. Please note: you don’t have to host every month. You might decide to offer one every two months or just 4 times a year – it’s up to you.
  9. This is your club: The Member’s Club is evolving all the time but you can help me shape it. If there is something you need that isn’t there, a topic that you’re stuck on or you would like more of something, then I am all ears. Let me know what your challenge is and I will go all out to fix it, add it to the Member’s Area, refer you to the ideal place or find an answer.
  10. I’m right here for you: Don’t forget that I am right here with you. If you need me or have a question then message me on social media, email me or pick up the phone. Don’t ever be alone.