How To Guide: Protecting yourself from Imposter Syndrome when using Social Media

This How To Guide really came about after a series of conversations with business owners in the Member’s Club over a series of weeks. I had been asking about how business was going and what help they needed and it quickly became apparent that there was a common thread of not feeling good enough.

Although everyone had a different explanation, all mentioned the presence of social media making negative feelings worse.

Do you get Imposter Syndrome?

It might manifest in different ways but common symptoms might include:

  • feelings of inadequacy about your skills, offer or yourself
  • jealousy about what other business owners are doing
  • wanting to avoid going onto social media
  • avoiding creating a clear strategy or plan for your social media
  • feelings that you won’t be successful ever.
  • feeling stuck or losing your mojo.
  • losing your creativity and spark
  • feeling frustrated or angry
  • spending lots of time trying very hard to create content and write and re write posts.
  • trying lots of different strategies to find success

I hear you.

You are not alone.

We all feel like this from time to time.

Here are some ideas to help you feel more positive, get better results and avoid getting stuck in a circle of bad feeling.

  1. Know your own path inside out. This couldn’t be more vital. Never compare your stage one with some else’s stage 10. Continue to work hard on knowing your brand, story, marketing messages, audiences and goals. This will help you keep your eyes on the road and not crash into someone else’s lane.
  2. Build a strict schedule & social media plan. Not only will this help you with point 1. but it will help avoid spending long periods of time browsing and scrolling when you don’t need to. If we allow ourselves to waste time scrolling, it’s very easy to get sucked into someone else’s story or journey – not productive and super draining!
  3. Choose a good part of the day. Who hasn’t experienced that feeling of miserable because you were trying to post when you’re tired or at a low ebb. Plan your posting time for when you are at your best. This might be straight after exercise, first thing in the morning or after you’ve given yourself your morning pep talk! It will make for better content and posts (in your authentic voice) and avoid perpetuating any negative feelings.
  4. Remember that social media is about relationships. You wouldn’t enter into a relationship with someone and then spend all your time looking over their shoulder. Focus wholeheartedly on your people and your relationships. This will help you avoid diluting messages and remind you that you are valuable, that you have valuable skills and produce great work.
  5. Share your experiences. We all struggle with Imposter Syndrome from time to time and it’s important that this doesn’t become entrenched. Pop over to our Facebook Group, email me, talk to your networks, reach out to fellow members, head to a Meet Up and more. We’re always better together!
  6. If things are really bad & you’re struggling to get out of a rut, pop the kettle on and spend some time looking through your timelines from way back. Notice how far you have come. Take in the positive comments you have received over time. Make a note of super successful posts and work out what made them good. This will help you remember that you are on a journey…there will be bottle necks, clear runs, static moments and that keeping going will be the best tonic.
  7. Really bad day? Switch off. Yes that. Your business won’t die & you will get some time to step back, refresh yourself, breathe and remember what you stated this business for in the first place.

You’re doing great. Hop over the Facebook Group & share your wisdom, experiences or ideas.