How To Guide: 4 Ways to Make Real Change

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So it’s the last Monday of January 2020 and statistics show that 80% of people who made new year resolutions have already let them fall by the wayside.

You may be one of those who came out of the starting blocks with buckets of determination and a long list of changes you wanted to make and are maybe feeling a little like you’ve run out of steam?

If you’re anything like me (& millions of others) you probably find that change is hard and keeping resolutions¬†ends up feeling demoralising instead of empowering.

So what do you want to change and how are you truly going to achieve it in 2020 and beyond?

What changes can you make that you think would make a significant different to your life and to your business?

Here are 4 ways to make real change in your life and change that lasts. Honestly, these methods work and are so much more powerful than giving yourself a strict list on January 1st.

  1. Place your resolutions with intentions. This is a game changer. The word ‘resolution’ means a firm decision to do (or not to do) something. Sounds scary right? It is about creating the idea that doing one thing that will make all the difference. It is set in concrete and can be broken. An intention is something softer and yet more powerful. An intention is to aim or to plan towards something. Remember the old quote that Rome wasn’t built in a day? Intentions are sustainable, they are fluid to account for you as a human. However they allow you to edge towards the goal even if you have a bad day (as resolution would be broken and given up on at this point). Swap your resolutions with intentions and feel the change from day 1.
  2. Remember the BIG picture. Quite often when we are seeking change in our life or business, we focus in on a few key actions that we think will do it. Who hasn’t said to themselves, I will now post on Instagram every day and my business will be better?! It is is important to step back and take a good look at the big picture. If you want your business to be better for instance – do you really need to post on Instagram every day? Maybe you need to draw or scribble it down on a large piece of paper to allow more creativity in and think of the ‘of the wall’ or ‘daft’ ideas that will actually be the game changer. Your plans may still include posting on Instagram more often BUT this will be part of a big picture view that will help you stay on track.
  3. The habit hack. If we want change to really happen, often it is the small stuff that matters too. If we have set intentions, looked at the big picture, then we need to then drill down into the little things that will get us there. A habit takes 30 days to form on average and building new positive habits will drown out the bad ones. So what habits can you create that will help? Daily walk; taking a photo of your business every day (even if you don’t use it!); reading for 10 minutes; turning off your phone for 2 hours a day; getting to bed on time every night; eating one less biscuit (I failed on that today!) and so on. There’s a new Habit Tracker to download in the Member’s Area to help you with this.
  4. Remember the seasons. Some of you may already do this but for me it was a revelation a few years ago. We need to remember that we are animals in nature. We are not robots. Pay attention to the natural world around you. Imagine if a tree tried to flower now when it was cold and wet. Imagine if you expected a shrub to give you fruit all year round. It sounds daft but we expect a lot of ourselves all year round. If it’s winter, then do what nature does – plan, restore, build up reserves, rest, plant your seeds under cover, have a sort out or plan your year ahead. if it’s Summer use the long days and more energy to launch something new or move premises or host a gathering. If you decide to eat nothing but cold salad in the cold winter then is it any wonder it’s difficult to maintain?

Have a brilliant week lovely people. Head over to the Facebook Group if there’s something you want to add.