How To Guide: 4 Ideas to Summarise your Year.

The year is coming to an end and most of us are so busy and stressed out if not suffering from some sort of minor sniffle!

However, taking a look back over the year is so important when you have your own business. Why? Because we need to understand what went well and what didn’t so that we can stay on track and not waste money, time & energy. We need this information too, to help us move forward and plan our best year yet.

And we mustn’t forget┬áto give ourselves a pat on the back for what has gone well!

So here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of summarising your year:

  1. Start with the numbers. Not all small businesses are looking to grow significantly or scale but numbers are still key. It is worth looking at the different revenue streams you have and taking a look at which of those areas made profit, the time, energy and manpower each activity took and if, in fact, they are the activities that are worth doing next year.
  2. Assess your work life balance. It’s all very well looking at the numbers but what about the way you feel about your business? Is it still providing you with the life you want? Are you peddling hard to stand still? Are you able make some adjustments to give you more time in the business doing what you are good at? Perhaps it is time to think about getting some additional help or re working your hours so that you work clever but plain busy.
  3. Do a marketing review! This is so worth it! Sometimes it’s easy to simply post content out and walk away but digging deep into what worked and what didn’t will give you nothing but knowledge & wisdom for the new year. All the major platforms have an analytics options giving you key insights into your audience, the engagement you received on content, who is engaging often, where they are & more. Note down the biggest successes and least and then dig into what it was about that content that did or didn’t work. This will give you powerful understanding about your way forward.
  4. Check out your Google placings and presence. How is your website performing? What search terms make your website appear, is your Google My Business optimised are all questions you could do with knowing. This is not to ensure that you are top of page 1 all the time but simply that your customers can find you when they need you.

As always, we will be talking about this in the Facebook group or you can post your questions – you are never alone!