How To Guide: Email Marketing 101 & an Alternative to Mailchimp!

Email marketing is something I love and has made a huge difference to my business. It helps me build meaningful relationships with my customers and get round the sometimes super frustrating social media algorithms.

I have always used Mailchimp and it’s still a great platform but they have made some changes that now might make it an expensive platform to use for small micro business or with reduced features that might prevent some of you from truly using email marketing to the max!

Sarah Liddle (The Lady in the Shed) introduced me to Mailerlite as a great alternative to Mailchimp with exciting and cost effective ways to save you time, connect with your audience and become an email marketing pro with ease.

I know some of you might feel that you don’t have the time or skills to make the most of email marketing but the Member’s Club is here to help. Watch this introduction email to mailer lite and what it can do for your business. To go with the video – here is a glossary of terms to help you unpick the key tools you can use to unlock the power of email marketing.

  1. Campaign – the term most commonly used to describe individual emails that you send out.
  2. Landing Pages – pages that you create within your email marketing platform designed to inspire or entice people to subscribe or learn something new.
  3. Automations – emails that are created to automatically go out based on setting you set up & subscriber actions.
  4. List – this is the list of all your subscribers.
  5. Subscriber – a person that has actively signed up & asked to be sent marketing material by your business
  6. Embedded Forms – sign up forms that you design and that can be embedded onto your website.
  7. Pop Ups – sign up forms that you design that pops up as a new separate screen on your website.
  8. Groups – a collection of subscribers that you put together based on their interests or needs
  9. Segments – sub groups of subscribers that you create based on a specific email e.g. sending an email to the segment of subscribers who joined your list more than 12 months ago.
  10. Tags – labels you attach to your subscribers based on interest, need or type e.g. subscribers who are small business owners.
  11. Drag & Drop – a design system that allows you to drag over & drop in design elements to create the perfect campaign.

Now it’s time to watch the video!