How To Guide – 3 ‘must check’ Insights on Google Analytics

It’s all very well working hard on your social media and website but if you don’t know exactly what results you get from all that hard work, you can never improve or move forward with your marketing!

Google Analytics is a powerful tool in your marketing armoury and it is important that you understand the key insights you can get from it. Although you can glean tons of important information from it, there are 3 ‘must check’ insights to be aware of and action and here they are:

  1. Audience – understand who is visiting your website! Click Audience and then click Overview. Here you can see who your ‘users’ are and how many new and returning visitors you have. It will also tell you about ‘sessions’ which are the number of times you receive a visit to your website. For example, you could have 2 ‘users’ but 10 ‘sessions’ which would mean those 2 users are visiting multiple times. You can also look at where your users are based and roughly how long visitors stay on your website.
  2. Acquisition – understand where your audience comes from i.e. where were they before they got to your website? Again click Acquisition then click Overview. Was it a Google search or maybe a social media platform? This information will help you know how successful a campaign is. Maybe you have tried to sell tickets from a Facebook ad – how many of that audience has actually arrived at the right place on your website?
  3. Behaviour – such an interesting section. Understand how your website visitors travel through and around your website. Click Behaviour then Overview for the key information. It will give you the key landing pages in your website and how many times your pages were viewed. If you go to the left hand menu again and click ‘Behaviour Flow’ you will also understand where in your website they left – too soon? Wrong place? Is this what you wanted?