How to Guide: 3 things to always include in your marketing plan

This week the How To Guide is about making plans – something most of us are doing at this time of year. Marketing is something we all have to do and some of us even enjoy it! However, when you head over to Google, you will find a hundred different ideas and ways to put one together.

There is great merit in keeping a Marketing Plan super simple. This is not only because it makes it easier to construct but because it makes it easier to keep to and deliver – especially when you are required to be all things in your business.

So…what to include and what can you leave out. This is by no means a comprehensive instruction about how to build a plan for all businesses but there are 3 things that you must always have at the front of your mind when making a marketing plan of your own.

  1. Always know your customers like best friends. Understand their fears, desires, loves and hates. Be sure of what makes them laugh, cry and angry. Apply emotion and feelings to your customer not what their wallet might have in it or what they do for a job. Without knowing how they feel , you can’t possibly make a relationship with them.
  2. Understand where the sparks of fire are in your marketing. These are the magic moments when you connect with your customers and the moment they know you are going to help change something. You might have a long list of products or services but without knowing how they will change someone’s life, make them feel something or provide a hint of magic – your marketing will be beige.
  3. Have a budget! All of us have small budgets if we have one at all. It is easy to just spend what an expert says you should or not keep a tally over a year. Be clear. If you are going to spend hard earned time, effort and skills on your marketing, you need to be sure that you make more than your money back. In a noisy world full of marketing experts, it is all too easy to get shiny object syndrome and overspend.

We are all better together, so share your marketing ideas, ask your questions or let us know your thoughts over in the Facebook group today. We will be discussing Marketing plans from 2pm. Have a great Monday!