How To Guide: 3 ways to welcome in 2019

Well hello 2019! This is our first How To Guide for 2019 – Happy New Year to you all.

Despite the fact that Christmas is supposed to be a winter break from work when we snuggle down and restore – many of us will finish these little holidays exhausted. Just at the time when we are tired and still in deep winter, we are surrounded with get rich quick ideas for a perfect 2019 from ways to change our diets, lifestyles and marketing. The trouble with wholesale change is that it’s difficult to keep up.

I don’t make New Year resolutions that set me up to fail. I simply set out some intentions, ideas and plans for the whole year. No scary deadlines, unrealistic goals or unobtainable targets.

So how can you welcome in the New Year with positivity and ideas without setting yourself up to fail by the 25th January?

Here are 3 ideas that might help you get some focus without applying undue pressure when we don’t necessarily have the energy for it.

  1. Don’t jump in. This is counter intuitive for most of us. The New Year starts, you have some ideas  and you know what you’d like to achieve and you just want to get started. Don’t. Try to start back with an empty diary, an auto responder on your email & your mobile on silent for a whole day. This quiet time, thinking time and headspace will give you the opportunity to do things differently and look at your year maybe from a different angle or with new eyes. Try it – it might just put a whole new light on your year.
  2. Start with vision. Rather than simply carry on where you left off at the end of 2018, get a blank piece of paper and some pens and start to write, draw or doodle about your dreams, off the wall ideas, funny little ideas that you’ve been ignoring and so on. This kind of visioning is a brilliant way to see what is really important to you, where your priorities really might lie and may throw up some interesting new options for 2019.
  3. Make new habits that help. You will have read and seen that actually creating new habits has a much higher success rate that resolutions and making regular, small changes will have a better long term impact. What small habits would make all the difference toy our business? Perhaps writing a more regular blog or posting on social media every day? Maybe it’s more about you – guaranteed fresh air every day or an hour off to exercise. The beauty of being your own boss is that you have the flexibility. One of the habits I want to foster is to read more about business. I read lots of snippets and watch TED talks but I want to dig a little deeper.

I’d love to hear how you plan out your New Year and we will be nattering about it in the Facebook Group later today. Sharing your experiences and ideas and asking for help helps us all.