How To Guide: How to really to tell your story in your business

Many of you will know that I have spoken about telling your story as being key to marketing your business before but it is worth revisiting often as I discovered this week.

Like some of you might have done, I had thought that I was telling mine quite well. I felt like I was pretty open about how I came to be in business and why I do what I do. What I realise I have done for a while is tell people my story face to face or a little bit on the website or occasionally in social media posts but consistent – nope. David Huit from Huit Jeans had news for me.

It got me thinking that really, this is what many of us do. We think we are telling our story but in fact we are just hinting at it, mentioning it and telling those we think might like to hear.

This is not story telling.

Real story telling in your business is about sharing the very reason why you do what you do, how you got there and what is important to you every day. Truly telling your story is what will help you build meaningful relationships with your audience, build customers and build your brand.

So I thought I would share with you what I am going to do more of to tell my story better and share my why in my business. As Simon Sinek says, “People buy your why not your what” and this is ever more true even in a loud world.

Firstly, I have made a pledge to be more consistent. Remember that much of your audience will only see your posts occasionally or at least inconsistently. The percentage of those who will then hop over to your website to read your ‘About us” page is also pretty low. Therefore, you need to tell your story a lot to ensure that a wide and broad enough audience hears it and remembers it. This is not repetitive, this just makes sense.

Secondly, it is really ok to be open. This doesn’t mean to have to bare the darkest bits of your history but it does mean that you tell all of it event he bits when you found things hard, failed or messed up. This helps your audience trust you, understand the journey of the business and how they might resonate with it.

Finally make the connection between your story and how it informs your every day in your business. Let people understand how your experiences and journey has created the business you have today. This value in your brand, this authenticity is gold dust. It is the gold dust that stops people wandering or scrolling past your business but instead stop and listen.

I know its Monday and you likely have a long to do list, but add one more task to it. Take a long hard look at where and how you tell your story and really ask yourself if are really telling it.

Don’t forget you can head over to our Facebook group to talk this through, leave your comments and share your thoughts – doing this story telling business together wis where the power lies.

Happy Monday folks, Emily