How To Guide: 3 ways to make your emails more readable.

Last week we talked about how to get people to sign up to our email lists (head over to the Member’s Area to read a full archive of our How To Guides) with 4 top tips to get you a lovely new group of bought in subscribers. It is obvious, therefore, to note that what we send out to them will have a huge impact on whether those hard earned subscribers stay on the list!

One of the questions I get asked over and over again by small businesses is how many newsletter emails to send out, what to put in them & should they bother at all?

Firstly it is worth noting that 91% of all emails are opened on mobile devices and there is a 20% upturn in sales when promotions are sent out by email, so it is evident that emailing as part of a wider marketing strategy can have huge value for a business. It is also worth remembering that social media is subject to algorithms and there is no guarantee that your audience will always see your content, so when you have something important to share, emailing might well be the best medium to use. Finally – and you have heard me say this regularly – your social media audience is not yours. It belongs to the social media platform not you. Your email subscribers are an asset to your business and keeping them engaged and happy is important.

So…what can we do to keep our emails interesting and our audience interested? How can we ensure that our audience are keen to take an action and engage with our emails and of course, stay subscribed!

Here are 3 ways  that will certainly help:

  1. Only email when you have something interesting to say! This is super obvious, but as many of us can attest, not all emails are in fact interesting at all! It is a privilege to be allowed to land in someone’s inbox and the least you can do is provide content that will be of interest, helpful, supportive, problem solving, funny, exciting etc etc. Don’t send out yet another email because you think your should – always ask first – what is it that will wow them in this email?
  2. Think about subject line. Most emails don’t make it past this first hurdle – the subject line. Remember again that this email of benefit to them not you and that’s where your focus should be. Make your subject line enticing and clear, never over promising or bossy and never, never saying ‘Here’s our Spring newsletter”!! For example instead of “We have lots of lovely news for you” how about “Be the first to hear about our special news including a VIP discount”. See the difference?
  3. Give your readers something for free. Oh yes – free is good. This does not means giving away your precious stock or services for free but  providing them with something that they can immediately use or benefit from for free. This could be a straight VIP discount or offer code but equally it could be a free ‘How To’ download or a recipe or instructions on a make. You might simply share a video packed full of useful top tips. This freebie is their prize for allowing you to email them, build trust and adds value to your emails.

These are just 3 things that can help your emails become more appealing and valuable and I can certainly think of a ton more. So, head over to the Facebook group and share your ideas and proposals, questions and queries and perhaps we can all share more top tips.