How To Guide: 4 KEY actions to find your dream customers

This week’s How To Guide really isn’t such a bite sized bit of help at all. We are opening a real can of worms for small business owners & it is as a result of our Birthday Member’s Offer last week. We asked you what your number 1 business challenge is right now and so many of you wanted to talk customers!

Some of you are looking for more customers, some are looking to build numbers of certain types of customer and some of you are not getting the type of customers you want. We only offered one winner the chance of an hour’s one to one video call and realised that this subject could not go without discussion!

When you are thinking about the customers in your business or those yet to know about your business, it is rarely a single challenge. Firstly we want lots of customers and it’s tempting to say that you will happily welcome any customer to your business. Sometimes we find that we have customers but that they aren’t big spenders or don’t buy the goods or services that provide the best profit for you. Sometimes we simply don’t have enough people buying from us at all. Sometimes, we started out in business looking to attract a particular customer and it turns out there is another groups of customers who love your stuff and it’s left you muddled and not sure about your marketing. Maybe you are expanding your business and don’t know where you will get your extra custom from.

Which ever challenge you are experiencing there are a few things you need to consider to start your journey to attracting your dream customers. We have drilled this down to 4 KEY actions you need to take today to attract the customers that will make your business feel magic again.

  1. Know your story and brand. It is totally vital that you understand what your brand and story is in order to attract people to it. This is not a sentence that describes your business. This is knowing and writing down exactly WHY you do your business and WHY your business is what it is. You need to know what you business FEELS like to your customers. Is it cool and professional, warm & fuzzy, fun & exciting to start you with a few ideas. People will always choose a company that knows their WHY & that they can feel connected to.
  2. Understand what you sell. Really?! Yes, really. You sell the feeling your customer gets when they have bought from you.¬†You do not sell stuff, services or things. For example it’s the difference between selling a double bedroom and breakfast near York and selling a relaxing, secluded break for two with views that you will never forget. Double check how you are selling – are your describing the stuff or peddling the magic?
  3. Be the solution to a problem. When you are defining your customers, it is almost impossible to be ‘old school’ and think about simple things like supermarkets they shop in or Sunday papers they read. Think about the problems and challenges you are solving to help you define exactly who they are.
  4. Talk their language. Often when business receive negative reviews or attract customers that aren’t part of their dream it can be traced back to the language used in their marketing. You may be inadvertently using words or phrases that attract different customers than you thought. You could even be promising things that lead to disappointment. For example you may be offering spa services for couples and hen parties and then booking them into the same session – a recipe for disappointment.

Take time to go through these steps and dig deep to truly understand if what you think you are selling, you are. This work will help you clearly understand what type of custom you are attracting (or not) and how you can attract them in the future.

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