How To Guide: 3 top tips to stay on track

The first thing you will notice about this weekly How to Guide is that it is a day late! Although I can apologise, I can’t hide the reason which was that I simply ran out of time & steam to get it out to you in time. A combination if having lots on and our trip to Cornwall left me behind.

However, the real reason is that I didn’t plan far enough ahead. I didn’t use my experience to predict what might happen and try to mitigate it. When our diaries get busy and we have lots on (especially as we head towards Christmas!) it is so easy to start to chase your tail and get into a spin. Even if we know it might happen, it can leave us feeling helpless.

So…this week’s How to Guide was planned on the calendar but not planned in my schedule well enough and I am sorry. I am guessing my predicament is possibly a familiar one to some of you so I have used the experience to curve the ball and write the How To Guide planed for nearer the festive fun times.

I knew that as we approached the last couple of months of the year, that someĀ of you might start to feel worn out, exhausted and so busy in your business that there would be no capacity left to work on it. Here are 3 tips I use to help me stay on track when life gets hectic, curve balls get thrown and I run out of steam. I hope they help.

  1. Know your strategy inside out. This is key to keeping you on track in the last silly months of the year and will set you up for the New Year and beyond. Things to include in your strategy? What is your number one goal for the last couple of months of the year? Who are your customers to make that goal happen? How many days/hours do you need to work and when will you rest. What is your story and what is your content for your marketing in those months. What help you will need to get you to the 1st of January in one healthy piece?
  2. Make a plan. Although very obvious, it is not always something we do (including me apparently this week!). Make sure that the plan is visual always – so up on your office wall, in your Google calendar, drawn in the notebook you always have with you etc. This way, when you wake up fuzzy or you get a cold, you can refer to it always and stay on track. Things to include in your plan? What content you are posting when. Which events your are attending. What are your days off. Deadlines for the important stuff like accounts and bills that need paying.
  3. Give yourself a break. The first 2 top tips sound pretty strict and they are! However, there will be slip and there will be illness or a flat tyre. Remember that these thing are normal and that delaying your actions by a day or two won’t break your business and destroy your relationship with customers. Simply remember that you are human, take a look at your plan and NEVER give your day off up.

Thank you for being so understanding about my lack of planning and I really hope that you are able to stay on track in the coming weeks. Remember to use the Facebook group to stay in touch, keep motivated and ask for help. Until next time…