How To Guide: 3 Ways to ‘Show’ your Audience your Brand

Welcome to Monday and another How To Guide – designed to be a bite size nugget of knowledge or encouragement to apply to your business.

This week we are looking at visual branding. What does that mean you ask? It is simply the visuals you use to help people understand your story and brand in an instant. They are the images and visuals that help your audience immediately ‘get’ your business and want to engage with it. Although there are a lots of gorgeous ways to make this happen quickly & easily with software like Canva or Ripl, it is all too easy to go off track, get distracted and, worst of all, confuse your audience!

So….what things can you do today to make a difference? Here are 3 ways to impact your visual brand from now – easy wins and things to think about.

  1. Know your colours. This sounds so obvious, but your audience is bombarded with visual information almost constantly and it can be difficult to notice you and your business in their busy timelines. Decide upon a palette of colours that will become easy to recognise and give all your images a look, feel and familiarity. You may choose to add seasons e.g. Spring palettes of greens, yellows and pinks and Autumn palettes of darker, richer colours along the same theme. Use these colours for your text overlays, borders, flat lays or filters.
  2. Know your font. As we said above, there are lots of lovely bits of easy to use software out there right now and it is all too tempting to play with fonts for your events posters, Insta images and Facebook posts. Choose a combination of 3 fonts that compliment each other and stick to them for everything. Rather like your colour palette, it provides familiarity but also, if chosen carefully, strengthens your brand and what you are saying about your business. For example, a swirly script type of font wouldn’t be appropriate for a cool media brand but may be perfect for hand made gifts (MASSIVE sweeping generalisation but you get the picture!)
  3. Get into the feelings. Yes – feelings. People engage with images because it gives them an emotional jolt – something beautiful, powerful, striking, funny or shocking. If you understand your audience well, you will know what it is that makes then tick and what jolts them, so use that in your visuals. This could simply be stunning images of your products or inspirational quotes for your audience to give them hope. What feelings do you want to jolt – what are the feelings you want to evoke around your business?

If you want to some help with this or want to dig deep into your business’s visual branding, you have today to book onto our visual branding workshop tomorrow morning in Stoke on Trent. Click here to book!

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