How To Guide: Create a 3 point plan for Christmas

In last week’s How To Guide, we rolled out a live Webinar to talk about taking stock, getting clear and making plans for the run up to Christmas. From our own experience, the Summer had been a super busy and hot time and not stopping to take a look at activity and business results before the next big push to Christmas was not an option! The webinar is now available in the Member’s Area – so log in, make a brew and watch our 20 minutes natter about what to focus on in the coming 12 weeks.

So….what are your plans for the next 12 weeks? Are you hoping to plough on through to New Year and just work as hard as possible? Perhaps you have stopped and taken a look at how you can sustain one go the busiest business periods of the year and made some goals to get you there?

Perhaps one of the best things is to keep things simple. We are not about to re write your business plan and we are not going to sit down and do an in-depth financial analysis of your business. This is a time to have a 3 point plan to keep to, focus on that will get you the results you need in the run up to Christmas.

All of you will have different needs – so apply your needs to the following formula to achieveĀ a successful business quarter that fulfils your goals.

  1. Simple financials: create a simple spreadsheet with your turnover goals for the 12 weeks period. This needs to be ambitious and exciting while being achievable in the timeframe. Break down the goals into weeks so that you know what your weekly turnover goal is. It is tempting to just count up the pennies in January, but this way you get to stay on track during what will be a busy time.
  2. Goal tracker: all of you will have different goals which might be product units sold, footfall numbers or service packages booked. Whichever it is, again, break these down into weekly figures so that you can scan your daily results. The satisfaction of knowing you are on track or the motivation to do more tomorrow will ensure that you don’t miss opportunities or overlook slipping figures.
  3. Content calendar: this has been mentioned a few times before, but it is key to a successful business period. You are unlikely to achieve the above two plans without being clear about what you daily marketing messages are. As you get busier and more tired, consistency and focus can suffer. Create a weekly plan in your diary or online calendar (colour coding works a treat here!) of you key messages and images that you can use. Think about where your content needs to go to ensure that all your platforms are looked after and your audience kept interesting. Break these weekly plans down further to daily activity to help build new habits for daily posting and photography.

Hopefully this 3 point plan will help you on your way to a super successful Christmas build up but we would love to hear your thoughts….so head over to the Facebook group now and have your say, share your ideas and let us know you secret to success.