How to take stock, get clear & make plans…

How To Guides are back after the summer break! It has been a long hot summer and likely you have been busy and productive. However, we are now entering one of the busiest times of the year – the run up to Christmas and how are we going to stay focussed, maintain energy and achieve what we want without burning out?

Although January is traditionally a time to make plans and set goals, in fact, September is our favourite time of the year to get clear. In today’s webinar (you can register until 11am this morning!) we are going to talk about the options, what to think about and some ideas to help you stay on track in the run up to Christmas…

Here are 3 top tips to get you started.

  1. Take time to look back. The summer has been long and life has been busy. Take a good look through your sales figures, marketing results and the time you need to invest. What has worked well, provided good profit or been unexpected? Do you have a product or service that has performed less well that expected? How are your marketing activities delivering sales in your business? How clear are you?
  2. Don’t try to do too much! It is important to focus in on what really works in your business and stop doing what you think might work one day or is quite hard work for little return. For example, think about core products & services to sell and don’t waste efforts trying to shift the less popular ones. This not only stops you wasting precious time but also helps strengthen your brand for customers.
  3. Break your plans down. It is very easy for the days and weeks to run away with us, especially as the heat of Christmas rises. Know your final goals and build a week by week plan to get you there. This will help you focus and keep you on track – not to mention give you bits sized boosts along the way.

To hear discussion about these points in more detail, join us for our webinar today at 12.30 or you can watch the recording via the Member Area.