How To Guide: How to take a break in your business

We’ve covered this before in different guises but it is worth revisiting as we approach the Summer holidays. Many of us have other responsibilities during the Summer months – covering holidays, children off school etc. It is all too easy to plough on through without a proper break and this can spell disaster as the mayhem of the Autumn term begins.

Although we may all be well past school age and not be in contact with those still on a term time timetable, business tends to work in term like sections anyway. For many, September marks a return to work after a break and the countdown to the busy Festive period begins. It is a precious time to do business or enjoy an audience who are not away on holiday and who are ready to buy, take action or engage with you.

So how can you take a break without taking you eye off the ball? How can you take a break that you can truly enjoy without thinking about work anyway!? More importantly, how can you restore your energy to make the best of September when it comes?

Here are some ideas to help you get the break you need without compromising you business.

  1. Do as Simply HQ does and announce it! As a small business, your audience and customers will already know your story and how great you are. They will know the dedication and hard work you put into your work. Letting them know that you are taking a break is unlikely to put them off and they will be refreshed by your honesty.
  2. Schedule your marketing. Clearly you don’t want to drop off the edge of the planet while you are away so use a scheduling tool to help your audiences remember your messages. You can use Facebook & Tweetdeck individually or perhaps try Hootsuite or Buffer to include all of your platforms including Instagram. It’s important to remember not to create engagement that requires your real time response if you are not going to be available during your break.
  3. Share your trip. If you are going away or taking a few days out, why not share your experiences? It is well known that audiences love to hear & see what life is like for their favourite small business owners. Connecting and building relationship with your audience is key to success and sharing your downtime might give them real insight into how you live your life.
  4. Automate the build up to September. Many of you will have a hugely busy time in the Autumn as you head towards Christmas so why not automate some build up so that you can hit the ground running after your break? Use a platform like Mailchimp to encourage your audience to sign up to a VIP list with a discount code, by sharing your knowledge or by entering a competition. By September you will have an engaged audience ready to hear about your Christmas markets, online shopping treats or services.
  5. Take a notebook. Taking a break of a few days or a full blown holiday is the perfect time to let the inspiration in. You head will find space, your ideas will flow and you will renew your energy levels for the coming months. Take a notebook to jot everything down! It could be some simple marketing ideas or a bones of a new business plan but you will find this kind of flow of ideas works wonders for s business.

And so….it is now time to let you know about Simply HQ’s plans for the holidays! We will of course be marketing away throughout the holidays but we will also be taking a break away for a well earned break (with a notebook!).

The office will be closed on Monday the 23rd July and then from the 28th July until the 13th August.

We would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and to tips for the summer months over in the Facebook group – your experience and knowledge is invaluable to the rest of the community.