How To Guide: Practical top tips for using images [video]

This week’s How To Guide is something a little different. Less reading and more watching….an interview with the multi talented Victoria Prince packed full of top tips and practical advice about using images in your marketing. This is honouring a little promise I made that we would have a chat with Victoria when so many of you identified that manipulating images quickly and easily to use in your marketing can sometimes be a frustrating process!

Victoria has run several of her own businesses but started out at Thorntons where she was in charge of manipulating images every day. This has carried on to this day when she works with clients through her business Smetouchpoints. Victoria is also working on the launch of her new business Energy Ball Recipes for which she is using lots & lots of amazing photography that we will all see very soon.

Watch our chat today to pick up lots of amazing top tips about image resolution, resizing for marketing and so much more.

As always, we will be talking about the video over in the Facebook Group so if you have great tips to share or want to ask more questions – both Victoria and I will be there to answer your questions!