How To Guide: Creating visuals that ‘say’ your brand

We have been talking about visuals over the last couple of weeks in the How To Guide and today I thought we could take a look at how to use visuals that ‘say’ your brand. All of us need to use images every day on social media and our wider marketing and it is vital that all those images are the essence of our brand – our audience need to get what we are about with one look.

Some businesses do this by using super styled images with single colour pallets, filters, flat lays or perhaps greyscale. This tends to be for product, design or lifestyle brands but not exclusively. Sometimes businesses use a simple theme to their images e.g. all close up nature images or all inspiring quotes etc.

So – where can you start? How do you make your brand stronger using images? What can you do to sharpen up your visual content so that is sings your brand?

Here are 3 super tips to get you on the right track!

  1. Start at the beginning…..get some coloured pens and a large piece of paper and start to write or draw words and phrases that are associated with your business. Be careful NOT to write down the stuff e.g. I sell ceramics or I am a coach. Think about story & values of your business. It might be that you want to inspire your customers with your creations or you have a passion to make people’s lives better. Don’t censor yourself here just write down what comes into your head….you can always edit later. People will buy your why not your what (check out Simon Sinek TED talks for more on this!).
  2. Now think about experience. People always buy magic over stuff. There is an emotional connection to everything we choose to purchase – even a new fridge! So…get very clear on what you are selling and what experience that provides for your customers. For example instead of saying “I sell luxury bed and breakfast nights” think about replacing that with “I sell nights of total tranquility in the heart of the countryside”. Always think experience over stuff. If you get stuck, take a look at what your existing customers say about you.
  3. Condensing. This can sometimes be the hardest bit but try to condense everything you have written down in the exercise so far into 3-5 words only! Tricky but essential. These words need to be feelings/experience/magic and do not be tempted to slip back into the stuff. For example “inspiring, supportive & transformative” compared to “coaching for small business”.

Once you have competed all three steps above, look at the images you are sharing on social media. Are they saying your 3-5 words? Perhaps some of them are but then there are random images in between? How can you bring alive those words into an image? What does tranquility looks like? How can you share images that say supportive? If you are stuck, look at your favourite businesses in your sector that you adore and see how they are doing it. This is not about copying but simply helping get you inspired for your brand. It is always important to be super authentic and only from the heart of your business not anyone else’s. This way you will build relationship with your customers and they will be much more likely to share your images and engage with them.

Please head over to the Facebook group to let us know your thoughts and opinions on this How To Guide. Perhaps you can share your experience or even share your 3 words! If you are stuck, the membership community is there to help.

Until next time, have a great week….Emily x