How To Guide: Visual Content Supertips.

Last week we talked about the joys of using to delve and create artwork that is useful in the business. To follow on from that, this week’s How To Guide is designed to help you choose great visual content for your business that converts to the business you want.

There are so many choices out there and it can be easy to either stick to the ones you know or try a little of everything without fully assessing how they work in your business.

When we talk about visual content – what exactly do we mean?

We are talking about using image as the centre of a piece of content that you are sharing with you audience from video & slide show through to infographics and overlays.

Choosing the types of content that work in your business is vital and using a variety of content types is also super important to develop you conversation with your audience and strengthen you brand.

Here are some super tips to think about when choosing different types of visual content to use in your marketing.

  • Variety is a the spice of life. We know that to engage an audience and convert them to buyers in your business we have to depend our relationship with them, offer valuable content and keep them delighted by what you do. The key is using a well thought out variety of content types that builds your brand and keeps your audience interested.
  • Start with the obvious. Video is often all marketers talk about when thinking about visual content. Certainly Facebook’s new algorithm loves it and Google also loves it not only in social media content but also as part of websites. Although a professional type of video is worth it’s weight in gold on your website, don’t be afraid to experiment with your mobile device for other places. Think about using it to ‘tour’ your space/shop/workshop/office. Go brave and try a selfie video if you want to make your video even more engaging. Also think about little or speedy videos to demonstrate how something is made or how something is coming together. Try the Boomerang app for fun posts in relative about life in your business.
  • Grid work. You will see the use of grids all over social media, especially on Instagram. These can be a super easy (try the Layout app or and are a great way to bring together a selection of content that naturally sit together. Think about product collections, an overview of a season or period of time or a series of faces of people your business has helped. Although these grid are great, don’t overuse them as they can make your social media platforms look overly ‘busy’ and it become difficult for your audience to know what to focus on.
  • Overlay and branding. When sharing beautiful images of what you do, it is so important to help audiences to understand who created that image and who you are. Try suing overlay software to further build brand awareness and connection for your audience. For example, you might simply add your logo to the bottom right of all your images or you might add a hashtag or web address related to your business at the bottom of over image your share. If you are in the business of inspiring, perhaps share some quotes or information about what your business services are. Again, don’t over do this type of visual content as it can again become overwhelming for you audience. Either go subtle every time or all out on more occasional visuals. Either way be consistent and and clear to help secure your brand identity. Use
  • Remember faces. There are umpteen bits if research out there that tells us that the most engaged with visuals in marketing are those with faces in them. It is not surprising that as humans we react to other humans. If you are selfie shy (understandable!) then invest in a great headshot so that your audience knows who you are but then make a plan to add more faces into your marketing. Try a customers face with their testimonial quoted over the top or always grab a group shot or image of life at your business to help your audience really ‘connect’ with the business.
  • Getting stylish. For some of you, style and image are even more important – maybe you design stuff or have a very themed narrative to your marketing. Why not choose specific colour ways, filters or image types to be applied across all the visuals you share. This takes dedication and hard work but can have a huge impact on your brand identity and ‘look’. You might decide to go all out black and white or super bright, perhaps a retro filter or even the omission of a particular colour as a style statement. ┬áHead over to Instagram to check out the best examples.

I hope that this is really useful and at least a reminder to get inventive and confident in the types of visuals you use. Head over to the Facebook Group for more discussion on this subject – share your ideas, top tips or ask questions.