How To Guide: 5 fabulous ways to use Canva

We made it! We got past the 25th May & GDPR day so let’s talk about something more cheery in this week’s How To Guide!

This week we’re getting creative with For those of you who are yet to be introduced to it – a brilliant piece of graphics software to help you create stunning visuals for your business from social media quotes, Facebook banners, posters, business cards and so much more. There is a facility to use free images from their stock and it is free to use (although there is a paid pro version for those who love it!). You can set your brand colours, upload your fonts, logos and create ‘on brand’ visuals quickly, easily and without waiting.

NOTE: Much as I love Canva, word to the wise. Be sure you know what your branding is before you go ahead so that you don’t end up creating confusing or diluted versions of your business brand. Also remember that we all need a graphic designer too. They are the experts and I would always advocate using them for creating your brand, designing websites, designing key marketing materials, brochures, pop up banners and so on. Canva is ideal for the stuff in between.

Here are 5 fabulous ways to use Canva that you will love!

  1. Perk up your Facebook page cover picture. Instead of using your Facebook cover as just a pretty image, use Canva’s facility to add text overlays to encourage an action e.g. perhaps subscribe to a newsletter, an Etsy shop offer or how to get in touch.
  2. Start to brand your social media images. If you are sharing images of your products then add your website/shop/copyright quickly and easily onto all of them. This way your images can all be traced to you and your audience can start to recognise your work more readily.
  3. Build your brand recognition. Take step 2 one step further and start to build a ‘look’ of your branding into your marketing images by adding your logo, or using a particular filter on all your pictures. This works particularly well on Instagram and again lifts your marketing to a new professional looking level.
  4. Create professional PDF downloads. All of us need to create downloads at some point, from your website’s privacy policy or a booking form to a free giveaway or discount code for your customers. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to do that quickly & easily while branding it to look amazing?
  5. Create a lasting memory. Although we do most of our marketing digitally these days, creating stunning printed material can also be effective. You can use Canva to create branded invitations to an opening, vouchers, flyers or thank you cards to special customers. All you do is create your graphic and download the PDF from Canva, complete with bleed marks for your printer!

We will chat about this How To in the Facebook group today and tomorrow (knowing that many of you are on a holiday day today!)

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