How To Guide: 3 top ‘opt in’ ideas to grow your email list

Continuing our theme of emails, this week’s How To Guide is talking ‘opt in’ ideas to help you from your email list – especially if your list has taken a hit after GDPR.

What is an ‘opt in’? It is when a business gives you something for free in return for your email address.

Using an ‘opt in’ is a useful way to tempt or encourage your audience to take the next step and sign up to your list to receive newsletters or emails from you. You have likely seen them in your social feeds – and perhaps discerned the good and the not so good. If you are yet to use them, then you’d be surprised how easy they can be to set up. If used properly they are a great way to build a relationship with your audience and to build understanding of your brand.

Before you get started, there are a few important things to remember when setting up an ‘opt in’. Make sure that what you offer in return for this email is of genuine value to the potential subscriber. Ensure that your ‘opt in’ doesn’t over promise or come across as phoney or false and finally, ┬ámake sure that your offer really is in line with your brand and message.

The options that are listed below can all be achieved on Mailchimp and can provide a valuable way to build your list in an authentic way. You can use Mailchimp’s ‘landing pages’ and their automated responses to send out the information.

  1. A free download sheet. This is great for those of your with a ┬áservice business and you are sharing some of your precious knowledge for free. Create a PDF download packed full of top tips or a simple ‘recipe’ for a something perfect e.g. “the perfect recipe for your ideal garden design”. To attract your audience, it will have to be something that gets them from a to b quickly and easily with some of your valuable knowledge.
  2. An exclusive discount or early bird offer. This is ideal if you sell products (or services) and you have an event or launch coming up. You are effectively creating an exclusive community of people who are going to be the first to experience something great from you. Create a simple, downloadable voucher or a code that they will be sent once they subscribe to your list. Top tip – this should be a time limited offer only to keep the feel of exclusive.
  3. A ‘How To’ guide or video. This is a great option to tempt your audience with your knowledge and help them understand your skills base. This could again be as a downloadable booklet or a video. Be super specific here and make sure that the information your share is genuinely helpful to your audience. Examples might be a video about some basic skills they could learn to achieve something like willow weaving techniques, painting skills, or how to write a privacy policy or a marketing plan. Remember that this is a taster – so give enough information but leave them trusting you and wanting to know more – perhaps booking a course with you or engaging your services.

I hope that this has been a useful guide today and got you thinking about inventive and fun ays to build your list post 25th May. We will discuss this in the Facebook groups later today – so if you have questions or queries, simply add your comments in the discussion.