How To Guide: 3 lovely ways to build you email list

Over the last few weeks our How To Guides have been dominated by GDPR and data capture and, although super important, it is a little lacking in creative inspiration.

So…to officially move on from the important and legal stuff, maybe it’s time to get creative again.

Some of you will have lost emails from your marketing list after the GDPR clean out and maybe that is no bad thing. Now is an opportunity to make a fresh start and to reiterate your brand and build new relationships with your customers and prospective customers.

In this new post GDPR world, we need to remain entirely authentic and open about how and why we might collect data for our own marketing purposes and so it’s time to get inventive and start to attract new emails onto our marketing lists with creativity and honesty.

Here are 3 lovely ways to engage with your audience and get them to join your email marketing list.

  1. Make your newsletter sign up shine at the centre of your marketing. For a long time now our social media buttons have been the most important aspect of our websites and marketing material and it is certainly a valid activity to encourage your audience to stay in touch via those channels. However, the best way to keep your audience with you as your business evolves (& therefore more likely to buy once the relationship is strengthened) is to have them on your marketing email lists. Marie Forleo (Business guru from the US) often says this is your number one activity in fact. So…place your newsletter sign up invitations where ever you can taking care to be authentic and make it sound as useful and delightful as possible. It is a privilege to be allowed in someone’s inbox not a right.
  2. Be generous and give something for free. If your audience are to begin to trust you and your brand as people who genuinely help, inspire or delight, then why not be generous? Offer a freebie in return for them signing up to your newsletter. This could be a free download of top tips or a free pattern or recipe. Perhaps it is an exclusive discount code or invitation to some free training or preview. Don’t be cheesy, be genuine and be clear that they are signing up to more goodies in your newsletter and can unsubscribe at any time. Mailchimp offers great options for these types of campaigns from landing pages to auto responders and automated emails.
  3. Tell your story! Never underestimate the power of your story and how much your audience would love to hear more. If you are telling your story online already or face to face with your customers, then why not simply invite your audience to hear some more on a regular basis? Your audience will love to be invited to something special like your newsletter. It is a unique space where they can find out exclusive information, get one off content or maybe just guarantee to hear from you – not forgetting that algorithms may mean they miss you sometimes. if your invitation is genuine and open then you will be hugely surprised by your sign up rate. We now ask competition entrants to sign up (NOT as a condition of entering a competition) and amazingly we get about 65-70% uptake!

I hope that this has got your creative juices flowing and given you some inspiration about how you might start to build your newsletter list and build you relationships with your audience.

Don’t forget we will be talking about this over in the Facebook group so if you have questions or thoughts then join the conversation.

Happy Bank Holiday Monday folks!