How To Guide: 3 Great Ways to Tell your Story

This week’s How To Guide is all about story – a subject we have talked about before but something worth revisiting over and over again. Story is at the very heart of all marketing for independent businesses. Story provides a narrative, creates interest, triggers connection and build relationships with your audience and customers.

What is story?

Story in business is what helps your audience and customers to understand what makes the business tick, what the ethos os a business might, how the owner came to create such a business, what the passion is behind the business and why the business does what it does for its customers.

Story needs to be rooted in the world of feelings and magic. This is not the place to tel your audience about how to buy your stuff or what the price is. Story is the place to find a connection so that your audience wants to know more, wants to share your content and wants to become a loyal customer.

Once you have crafted your story (not made up – this has to be authentic folks!) – how & where do you share it?

Here are 3 ways that will transform the ways you communicate with your audience and tell your story.

  1. Don’t feel that you have to tell your story in one go! You don’t have to fit everything into your ‘About Us’ page of your website – leaving your audience wanting more is a great way to build anticipation and interest. Create social media content that gives your audience enticing bits of the story e.g. ‘the idea for this cake came from my Grandma & here’s her handwritten notebook…” or “We started out just like you & this is why we understand what you need…”
  2. In a world of video and ‘live’ now is a great time to creep out from behind the shadows and tell your story in person. Scary but so worth it. Because video is so common, nobody is looking for perfection but they crave authenticity. If being in front of the camera is simply too terrifying – start with a tour of your place on video. Help your audience get under the skin of your business e.g. a show round of HQ, a video of something that inspires your business or perhaps even a demo about how you make something.
  3. Don’t just tell your story to attract new customers – remember to keep telling the story to your existing customers – after all they are the ones who will share it with their friends and colleagues. Add your story snippets to all your work e.g. when wrapping your product to send out add a ‘inspired by nature/Grandma/the sea’ to remind your customers about our story. Alternatively add a quote to the bottom of your documents or emails e.g. ‘brought to you by the ACME team with smiles, passion & lots of tea”. These types of quotes or snippets remind your customers about what makes you great and why they chose you in the first place while helping them understand another layer of your story.

We will be discussing this topic in the Facebook group later today so watch out for the updates, let us know what you think and ask questions and queries.