How To Guide: 4 Top Tips for Instagram in your Business

Ahead of our free Instagram webinar tomorrow, this week’s How To Guide is inevitably Instagram heavy!

We know some of you are using Instagram brilliantly and building your brands like a dream but Instagram is on the move in 2018 and it’s going to be so important to keep up and find out how to stay ahead of the game. This is in the wake of the Facebook algorithm change in January and also in response to demandsĀ from brands about how people re post, copyright and online purchasing to name a few.

Don’t panic though! If you are using Instagram then keep going, but stay aware and if you are new to the platform, read on to see if Instagram might be the platform for you in 2018.

Here are some quick top tips for your Instagram marketing to get you thinking this week and assumes that you have an Instagram Business profile.

  1. Treat your profile as a home page. Gaining new followers of Instagram is relatively easy but users now expect to be impressed. Even in the last 12 months, users, more than ever, want to see a beautiful profile that gives them all that they need to know about you and your business. Think about your image grid and your key link in the bio. Make sure your Instagram name is clear and branded and also ensure that your bio itself really reflects your brand – make it fun, key word rich and from the heart.
  2. Love stories! Using the Story feature on Instagram not only helps you stay connected to your audience but also give you an extra chance to provide a link to your conversion place i.e. shop/booking or blog page. Think carefully about what your audience might want to see – behind the scenes; a making process; getting to know you the owner; your inspirations – you get the picture!
  3. Be prepared to spend a little. The days of a great organic reach on Instagram are slipping away so prepare to use boosting or small Instagram ads to provide the traction you are looking for. As always, you don’t have to spend big and always make sure you target your audience carefully.
  4. Finally – get analytical. Because of some of the new features coming on board on Instagram in 2018 (new Shopify app and new re gramming options), they are adding to the Insights all the time. If you are experienced or new to the platform – make sure you are checking out who is engaging with you, what content is popular and when is the best time to post for you.

If this week’s How To Guide has whetted your appetite for more, why not join us for tomorrow’s webinar (you have until 5pm today to book!).