How to get great engagement on Facebook

We have shared many blog posts with you on all kinds of topics related to setting up, running and growing a small, independent business but we thought that the content was sometimes a little random and not easy to follow.

So….today is the first of our ‘How To’ guides. Blog posts and video to give your bite size information about how to do stuff in your business. We might include practical tips and ideas (like today!) or we might cover more personal angles on running your own business and staying healthy, vital and happy. We hope you like them!

Today – we are looking at Facebook. This has come up again and again for clients and members who are trying to navigate some of the changes that Facebook started to make in January. Many of you have found that your reach has continued to decline and that engagement feels more difficult than ever. Others have talked about walking away from Facebook in the face of such challenges.

Do not despair – here are a few ideas for you to try out on your Facbook page to help you get back on track. Remember the golden rules though – only use a Facebook page if your audience is on Facebook a lot and whatever the top tips below, great content still has to be your number one priority.

  1. Look at your About section on your Facebook page. This is the time to audit how your page is being categorised on Facebook and how Facebook sees you. They are always adding to the options for your About section so it pays to update it regularly. Update your Story within the About section to ensure that you are really making the page sing. Also check out categories to make sure you are most accurately described.
  2. Think about linking a Group to your page. Facebook pages now allow you to link a Group connected to your business to make it easier for your fans to connect, chat and engage about your business. This will allow you to follow what your fans are talking about and to share content that will be more easily seen by group members. It will also allow you to post within the group as your business as well as yourself. Be careful to describe what the group is for – e.g. is it a place to network & share or maybe get support for a course or programme they are following through you?
  3. Update your visuals. This is a must on Facebook – not only to make it look more professional but also to help with calls to action. First up is your Facebook cover image. You can now add a slideshow instead or a video – much more powerful if potential fans find you in their newsfeed.
  4. Content – you now need to upgrade what you are posting. Facebook will downgrade what they consider ‘flat’ content i.e. content that is simply sharing information. Facebook want people to be less passive on Facebook (which they see as damaging, a dull experience & not in line with their core values) and more active. Think about using Facebook LIVE, more video and more real-time content that shares the ‘behind the scenes’ sideĀ to your business. This will certainly get more engagement.
  5. Remember it isn’t all about Fan numbers! Facebook is simply one of your marketing tools to encourage people to buy from you. Now is the time to make sure Facebook is doing what you want it to for your business. Are you gathering data from Facebook i.e. asking people to sign up to your email list? This could be from your CTA button (the blue one with options!) or as an integration with Mailchimp. Alternatively, you could offer a wow opt in offer on the page in return for subscribing. This way your Facebook activity becomes a business asset.

We hope that this little list will refresh and support you to get started on Facebook with more success this spring. Get in touch today if you need more help or head over to the Simply Member’s Group on Facebook to ask your fellow members how they are approaching Facebook in 2018.