How to Keep Going in Small Business – Top Tips

Today is Valentine’s Day – there’s lots of romance about and even more businesses making the most of this easy content moment. However, it feels like they might be missing the point. Much of the content out there is about how customers can receive love from a business – a lovely concept but only possible if something else happens first. What you ask?

To share the love around in your business, you have to love yourself first…that is taking care of your self, not pouring from an empty cup, building resilience and listening to your heart. If all this is in sync, then sharing out the love and keeping going in your business becomes so much easier.

There is so much advice out there about running your own business but actually keeping going is sometimes all you need to do. Having the energy and momentum to march up the hills and deal with the curveballs is at least half the battle. So, how do you keep going in your business?

Here are a few top tips to help you….just keep going & avoid pouring from an empty cup…

  • As has already been mentioned – give yourself some love! It is a huge mistake in business, to simply plough on assuming that working harder is always working better. Take some time to look at blue skies, get perspective and make space for new ideas.
  • Revisit your business plan. Often we make a plan to build our businesses, working out what t sell, how to sell it with what marketing strategy but often we don’e work out the realistic hours that that might take. We’re not talking about abandoning passion or dedication here, but having a clear picture of how many man hours running your business takes. If it is 120 hours a week, then it’s simply not possible for one person to sustain that for long.
  • Networking is not just for new leads! Spending time with colleagues, compatriots or business friends is an ideal way to maintain motivation and learn something new. Finding support, encouragement or simply listening to others’ stories can be the inspiration we need to rethink, re organise and restart during a tough patch.
  • Unschedule your schedule. Many of us come out of traditional employment or corporate life to build our own businesses. Although the initial freedom feels amazing, we often keep some of the work ethic baggage. Feeling that we must be at our desk by 8.30 each morning and work through until we can’t focus on the screen is a crazy way to approach entrepreneurship. You no longer work for a boss so rethink your schedule. Build in an exercise class, work later in the day if that’s when you’re at your best. Work through a weekend and have a Monday off to show when it’s quiet. This is all allowed in the world of self employment!
  • Be a critical friend not just plain critical – just like the point above, many of us have learnt a great routine of self abuse stemming back to school exams. We quietly tell ourselves that our work isn’t up to scratch, we must always try harder and others won’t be impressed by our efforts. Stop! Be your own friend – praise yourself when things go well and gently encourage when you need to make changes or up your game. No more negative and much more positive.

So…Happy Valentine’s Day and fill that cup today.