The Beginning is Always Now

We shared this quote earlier this week as it seemed so appropriate for the New Year. It is often very difficult to get going in early January. We are often trying to sort out our accounts or may have suffered from illness that has wiped us out. The exhaustion of the run up to Christmas is rarely eradicated by January.

You may have made some amazing plans for 2018 and have some great ideas and targets. However, actually making a start can be a challenge.

So it got us thinking, what are the best ways to get going in the dark damp days of January? Here are some ideas to get you on the right path:

  • Be realistic – you cannot conquer any new year in a month so it’s time to pace out your year. Work out what each month’s priority is and don’t try to run before you can walk. It’s better to be thorough and considered than chaotic and burnt out by February.
  • Go with your strengths – if you are still a tad exhausted after Christmas then why not start with the work that you can manage now? Tidying out your office or sitting quietly pulling together a content plan for your marketing is all brilliant work done. Perhaps save your new launch or big new meeting for February when you will be rested & full of attractive zing!
  • One step at a time – you may be looking at your amazing plans for 2018 and you may feel super excited but maybe dazzled and unsure where to start? Remember that every small job or task towards your dream is worthwhile. It could be simply clearing the desk or sorting out your laptop files. It might be all you can manage on day one but wow what a useful job to have completed!

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