Setting Intentions for 2018

Welcome to 2018 everyone! Last year was a crazy one for many of us. There were ups and downs, lots of negative talk around brevet, interest rates and the state of British business and lots of change at Simply HQ.

However, there have been some amazing positives as independent business in the UK is proving a positive success – creating beautiful lives for owners and customers alike.

So…how to plan for the coming year? Not much of a one for resolutions in the New Year. t a time of the year when business may be at its hardest and our energies might be at our lowest, resolutions can often feel like pressure and lead to failure.

How about setting intentions instead? This is the perfect time to mix the arts of dreaming and serious business planning. Sound bonkers? Well not really. It is important to really dream big in your business to help the creative process flow and help you to be motivated and attractive to your customers. The dreaming might not be anything to do with huge growth in the business but might have much more to do with creating more free time or streamlining processes to reduce stress. It might be the dream of producing a new product or service.

To go with this dreaming – add in some serious business planning too. Do you need to sort out finances? Perhaps you need to have some hard figures on what business you need to do to make your business work? Perhaps your profit margins have taken a hit in 2017 and you need to take a long look at what you can do about that.

Combining this dreams and business is a great way to start the year.

Out of this type of work comes intention setting. These are the things you can identify as making a difference to what you see as success in 2018. It could be simply re organising your working space or renovating your marketing plan. You might aim to have every weekend free by the end of the year. It could be the small stuff – new packaging for customers by the summer or eating well during the busy week. All of these intentions can be written down and respected for their contribution to a good year ahead. Some of you may draw them, others will list them and some might record them on audio – but setting the intentions is anchoring our ideas, calming our anxiety and giving us purpose and focus.

Enjoy the process of setting your intentions without the pressure of failure or the scolding voice of resolutions. However you record them, make sure you can access them throughout the year and update where necessary.

If marketing comes up in your list, book our workshop on the 10th January – setting a Marketing Masterplan for 2018.

Happy New Year all.