How to make the most of Christmas Trading

The run up to Christmas is full on – a hectic mix of chaos, planning & long long hours. So…as a business, how do you maximise your opportunities? How can you keep the energy going for long enough to last the course? How do you avoid the pitfalls of exhaustion, illness, time management and stock control?

For many business Christmas is a key part of the year – a time to make hay while the sun shines or at least snowmen while the snow falls. It is vital to make sure you have lined your ducks up to give you the best chance of success during the festive period.

Most of you will have done lots of planning and packed you diaries full of events, dates, meetings and more. But…what can you do now to make sure you make it to the Big Day in one piece? How can you ensure that you keep up with the content you need to share on social media and what can you do to make sure your business is remembered into the new year?

Here are a few reminders to keep your festive spirit in tact and your business thriving:

  • Make a CONTENT PLAN today! It might seems like overkill but now is the time! Print off a calendar for December and make a note of what you want to say on EVERY DAY until Christmas and beyond…this way you no longer have to think about your content day to day. When you are packing the van, setting up a stall, refilling the shelves or sending out your parcels…the creative stuff is dealt with. Plan out what you need to say on each day, add lots of delight for your audience and build up to your big days or events.
  • Be realistic – put off everything you can until after Christmas. This is your moment to shine so avoid extra socialising that you can’t manage, don’t decide to overhaul your website or change all your pricing.
  • Book time off! Yes…actually….do that. If you want to remain the sparkling business owner full of festive cheer, then you need rest. Take time each week to enjoy a long bath, long walk or long sleep. This is vital to a successful Christmas & will mean you don’t run out of steam.
  • Use your networks…now is that time to help your fellow men and women….so lean on your peers for support. Ask your audience to share your content, ask your fellow members to help your business shine and call in favours. This is what…networks…are…for….
  • Add more sparkle to your brand and give something away. Why not create an amazing contest or offer a prize? Be generous and give back. This really helps your indie business step away from more corporate selling fest and move towards buying magic, investing in community and making Christmas special – this is what you are good at after all!
  • Use hashtags to build your audience – using well understood or significant hashtags in your content will help your audience curate what you are all about. It will add focus and increase audience too. We are launching our Christmas campaign and using #indiechristmas.