The Power of Image in Small Business

This week I taught an Instagram workshop – training amazing small, indie business owners about how to harness the power of image in their business. It was an inspirational afternoon as they began to understand how they could tell their story and strengthen their brands using just pictures.

Instagram has taken the small business world by storm. Quite simply you can create an audience of dedicated fans who simply love your business through the pictures you share. As Aristotle said – pictures speak so much more than words (or something to that effect!).

There are some extraordinary Instagram accounts that mesmerise and inspire from daily posts of symmetrical breakfasts (yes that’s a thing!) to gorgeous images of nature, hand made products and food to name a few key sectors. Best of all it is easily accessible to all and now harnesses the power of Facebook’s advertising prowess and allows you to target your audience with specific content.

Many small business owners assume that Instagram is for the uber young and funky and perhaps is not for them…but think again. Instagram users are largely under 35-40 but that age limit is increasing and because of the integrations with Facebook – you can start to deliver great content to both your audiences as well as helping them discover your Instagram world.

To top & bottom is that we are running a new Instagram workshop in early 2018 – to enlighten and inspire another generation of Insta users…join us for an informal, hands on session of images, video & pictures – all you need is your phone…

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