Why Visual Content is Vital to Small Business

Do you remember ‘Show & Tell’ at school? That proud moment when you went to your teacher to share something that was precious or special to you, something that told the teacher all they needed to know about your life or news? In that little gesture, you were able to convey an important message and your class mates would then know so much more about you.

Show and tell lives on in business and in small business, where authentic and personal story is so vital, it really is the cornerstone of successful digital marketing.

When we share our business on social media, we are not only providing information, entertainment and inspiration but we are giving insight into what the values and voice of that business is. For small businesses that have less than 10 employees, this personal story telling is at the heart of what connects you to your customer. It is the thing that builds relationship.

In effect, you are doing a ‘Show & Tell’ with your audience every day….and it needs to look great.

Visual content – images, video, GIFs, slide shows, LIVE feeds, infographics and more – create that moment of magic when your audience starts to understand what you are about, wants to know more and begins to feel connected with you.

So – how is your visual content? Do your posts create great engagement? Are you happy with the way your digital marketing is going? Are you showing your audience the very essence of your business with every piece of visual content you share?

Here is a summary of why visual content is so vital….

  • You have seconds to make an impression – what is visual will make a far quicker impact than any words ever can.
  • Your audience trawls social media to be inspired and entertained visually.
  • Your audience’s eyes feast on visual content every day – so yours needs to have impact, be consistent and speak of your brand & business.
  • Facebook & Instagram audiences check into their feed about 20 times a day – so look for variety of visual content to keep them interested
  • The style & look of your visual content is so important as it needs to convey your brand in just a few seconds before your audience moves onto something else.

If you are looking to make more impact with your visual content then why not join our Creative Canva for Small Business workshop to help you create quick and easy visuals without wasting time and energy.